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- By Choadebomb Date 2001-09-11 09:26
Yeah, how do you manage to open the backside of a rolex watch. i have been working at trying to open it fro 6 hours now, ive had no luck whatsoever, i need help, lots of it.
Parent By uk_phil Date 2001-09-11 11:05
Unless you are a trained watch repairer I certainly wouldnt be trying to mess about with the back. You need a special tool which fits exactly into the grooves on the back and then opens it without leaving any marks by twisting. You can get these either as hand operated (increasing the risk of marking the back) or get a machine that with a handle that will do it more preciously.

P.S. I wouldnt try and get the back off unless you are sure you can get it back on again properly !!
Parent By REORX Date 2001-09-12 02:17
How do you take off the back of a Rolex??? Why, that would be the same way 2 porcupines mate... VERY CAREFULLY! ;-)

(I think that it may also require some special equipment)


The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard
Parent - By Choadebomb Date 2001-09-12 06:58
Thanx guyz. My uncle gave me a fake rolex(although i do have a real one, the fake looks nicer!) and the other day it stopped working...... after hours of fiercly attaking the cscrewedo n back with my bare hands, i was unsucessful. I fell asleep tryin to rip it open. When i woke up, it was working fine..... fakes are WEIRD!
Parent By bryan1234 Date 2001-09-13 15:53
One method is to apply superglue to the watch back and attach a lever, flat piece of metal, wood etc. One watch I remember seeing had the back modified with two grooves like conventional watch backs.


Parent - By david platt Date 2001-09-14 03:43
Use a hack saw or a blow torch. :-)

OK not really here are some tools for sale on ebay.
To wear your rolex when your not having a good time is a waste.
Parent - By Rippedfat Date 2001-09-15 03:33
1)Clamp the friggen watch into a steel clamp,
2)Tighten to 80 lbs torque
3)Take a hardened chisel
4)Place it gently in the ridges on the back of the case
5)And hit smartly counter clockwise
6)It should pop off with little to no problem
7)Simply follow the reverse for closing your baby up, except add some crazy glue to the threads just befor closing. It will make certain your beautiful Rolex is completely water proof
Parent - By Dennykgee Date 2001-09-22 05:55
here is the correct answer, go to any watch place, but the 20 dollar tool that opens it. try, rolex case is like any other screwback, just that instead of notches it has a grooved type back, the tool has a piece that fits the grooves perfectly, apply pressure, turn counter clockwise. after opening it, I suggest you get a new O ring for the watch since you opened it and perhaps worn it a bit, they are 5 dollars a piece and install a new one before closing, crazy glue is NOT recommended as it can corrode the rubber O ring (case gasket), the treads are too close to the o ring. just tighten it hand tight and you will be fine, while you are at it, while the watch is open, push the little button that releases the stem, and change the tube gasket and crown gasket too, also about 5 dollars a piece.
Parent By Rippedfat Date 2001-09-22 13:54
Denny Boy the fact that you even answered my "sarcastic" comment on opening a Rolex is commentary on your stupidity!

"Rippedfat"'re so is the real link...."

Denny you need help
Parent By 16520 Date 2001-09-17 15:45
You Don't
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