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  • Just finished S2 of Man in the High Castle - brilliant, thought-provoking and with frequent jolts of revulsion/amazement at the "What if...?" premise of the show.
    Now the long wait for S3...

    I've started watching The Blacklist - trying to catch up with my wife who's into S4!

    Narcos is meant to be very good, too.


    • Update: saw "Westworld" in early January - fantastic!

      Caught up with and finished the final season of "Banshee" after that. Another excellent series.

      Now have started "Quarry" - set in 1972, about a Vietnam vet who is offered the job of being a hitman. Saw the first (double-) episode a few days ago - very evocative production and intriguing storyline. It was done so well that it could have been a stand-alone film. Looking forward to see where it goes...

      I'm also catching up with The Blacklist and really enjoying it. My wife has taken a pause at the mid-season break of S4 and has said she'll wait for me to catch up with her and then we can see it together! Awww....

      And Suits has re-started S6 after a mid-season break, so I'll need to get back into that.

      Goodness, I do seem to watch a lot of TV! Well, at least I get my money's worth from my Sky subscription!


      • Great news for all of you "Prison Break" punters: It's baaack! 😳 Was thinking about watching it, but have to wash my hair during that time slot. 😢


        • Suits...well I may let that one go. I didn't much care for the thinly veiled slam on Donald Trump. The I.T. guy records Donna and puts her little quips on a Siri like device which spouts her words of wisdom on cue. I can't speak for UK original programming, but here the vast majority of tv is a colossal waste of time. I only watch when I have time to waste. When it's below zero outside and the pistol range is booked, I may condescend to watch something other than ice hockey.


          • Finished the first season of "Quarry". Not the most feel-good of shows, but pretty compelling viewing.


            • Started watching S1 of "Catastophe" - just as S3 is about to start.
              Painfully funny to watch!


              • Just finished S1 of "Legion" - wow! Mind-bendingly excellent show.


                • I've been watching "Midsomer Murders" and trying to find re-runs of "Are You Being Served."