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Which films have you been watching?

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    Originally posted by grumpycamel View Post
    I enjoyed War Dogs which was based on a true story. Good ending as it made you think....
    Ah! Thanks for reminding me - that's one I'd forgotten I needed to watch!


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      Saw "Life" last night.

      Clearly and, as admitted, an homage to Alien..
      Quite a few "why would you do that?" moments and plot holes but I'm in a forgiving mood and can say I enjoyed it nevertheless.


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        So Mrs bfltd0 and I went to dinner during the movie Ghost in the Shell last night. Hints of Blade Runner in there - not a bad thing at all - but a good performance from Scarlett Johanson. And the uniform she wears while taking out bad guys is...............quite close fitting, shall we say.


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          Originally posted by bfltd0 View Post
          So Mrs bfltd0 and I went to dinner during the movie Ghost in the Shell last night.
          That's next on the list for us.


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            Atlantis Down. Hmm...... Ignore the artwork on the box and the marketing twaddle. The film's production values are on a par with those of a Gregg's sausage roll. Despite being of this century, the sound is in MONO! My children were laughing, it was so bad.

            Personally, I didn't think that it was terrible, it did just about have some merit, but the company behind it should be brought to task for false advertising.

            My rating: 4/10


            • #81
              Just watched Doctor Strange in 3D on the home system. Very worthwhile getting the 3D version as it really made the visual effects that bit extra special.
              As for the film, yes, usual Marvell formulaic fodder, but enjoyable for it, especially the drawer full of watches. That said, I couldn't help thinking Inception as I watched them twist reality.
              Anyhow, I'd give it a solid 7.5/10


              • #82
                Twelfth Night.

                Not a film per se, but the National Theatre production being shown live in the cinema (quite fun being served steak sandwich and chips and a cheeky Rioja at your seat).

                Good production - bit of gender-bending in the characters (Malvolio became Malvolia), which in some ways modernised the story and some good performances.


                • #83
                  Just watched 'The Founder'.
                  Michael Keaton plays Ray Kroc, the man credited with expanding McDonalds restaurants from a single branch to the fast food empire we know today. Fascinating stuff.


                  • #84
                    "Ghost in the Shell" - watched this at the cinema last week. Not bad, which, I know, sounds like I'm damning it with faint praise. Lots of concepts that have been done better in other films, wrapped in a Scarlett Johansson shaped package. Which helps.

                    "Grimsby" - starring Sacha Baron Cohen. Saw this on TV a few nights ago. Crude, stupid but funny! I suspect the sangria and wine I'd had over dinner beforehand may have helped my enjoyment!