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    Originally posted by Rodentman View Post
    Yep. I had a 642 38spl and got rid of it since it was painful to shoot. The big cannons are just a big shove but those little suckers drive hard right into the palm and aren't much fun. And yes handloading is the only way to control the loads, and it's a great hobby.

    Snap! I had the 640 and it was one of the few handguns I fired that I would wear the PAST shooting glove for. I had a real yen to get hold of one of the original Model 40s but they were quite unavailable in the UK. Didn't see many in the US either.

    The only other pistol that was painful was a Walther PPK in .380 ACP - nice and small, very concealable but kicked painfully into the base of the thumb on every shot. Nothing the PAST glove couldn't sort out but I think Major Boothroyd was a bit premature in suggesting the PPK to James Bond.