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Going under the knife - again!

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  • Going under the knife - again!

    Today's the day! Got to be at the Queen Alexandra Hospital, nr Portsmouth, for 7am - so an early start this morning (alarm set for 5am).

    This time, I'm having a lump that measures approx. 4"x3"x1" removed from my upper thigh. They think it's a lipoma, but will be doing a biopsy to be sure.

    In theory, it should just be a day surgery procedure, but who knows with my track record!?

    Anyhow, see you on the other side!

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    ouch!, hope all went well.


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      Thanks, Ralph.

      It's been a very long day, and have on just got home.

      In the end, they did two procedures - one on my thigh and one on my elbow.

      Apparently, I took rather a long time to come round from the anaesthetic - I the region of 4 hours!


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        Take it easy and get well soon.


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          Get better soon


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            Home is the best place to recover, which I hope you do in short order.


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              24 hours on and my thigh is a bit sore but my neck is really painful. I'd expected a sore throat but this is something else; being jolted in the car was agony. Having spoken to a GP, I've been prescribed some morphine to top up the co-codamol.

              Here's hoping it settles soon!


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                Rest up and get well soon, Chris.