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    You back home yet Chris?


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      Just got back. The doctors didn't seem to be able to agree with each other - surprise!

      One was concerned about the possibility of a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage as the cause of the severe pain, and trust me, severe is not an exaggeration, I was screaming out in agony and in tears for literally over 40 minutes.

      The second doctor decided that it was just an unresolved migraine.

      A further kick in nadgers came when they were saying part of the decision to send me home was based on not asking for analgesics stronger than paracetamol. However, I spent a large proportion of the time asleep and I'd been given morphine, codeine, paracetamol, ibuprofen, anti-sickness drugs, etc... I also asked several times for further pain relief, but nothing ever happened!

      It was bad enough that I didn't get my regular morning medication, including my psychoactive drugs, until the evening, as the pharmacy failed to dispense the drugs, and the hospital wouldn't let me take my own supply, as they were in organiser boxes, so they were unable to ascertain the best before dates.

      So, yes, I'm back home and feeling really quite unwell. I'm also somewhat anxious, as lately the migraines have followed an alternate day pattern, which means I'm due another migraine tomorrow.


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        Sounds a real ordeal. Hope it passes.


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          Well, it's certainly not much fun. I'd rather be getting the gym finished, or going to the local garage to have a look at the Bentley they have for sale.