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How Times Have Changed...

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  • How Times Have Changed...

    50 years ago on Tuesday, a key report was published that marked the beginning of a change in our relationship with smoking.

    Although there had been previous warnings linking smoking and lung cancer, it was the 1962 study by the Royal College of Physicians, Smoking and Health, that really broke through to the public and politicians.

    Attitudes in the intervening 50 years have changed enormously.

    But in 1962, very few people took the dangers posed by smoking cigarettes seriously.
    Read more here -

    What I found very interesting was the video clip of a reporter interviewing smokers on the street. Well worth watching for the accents, manners and attitudes back in 1962!
    (Although the clip kept reminding me of Harry Enfield's "Mr Cholmondley-Warner" sketches!! )

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    Fantastic . Love the accents


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      Originally posted by Java View Post
      Fantastic . Love the accents
      Awe, indeed, fentestic - love the eggz'nts...


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        Good post, innit. Well, that's one vice I've avoided!
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          Attachments no longer animate ...
          S ;~(


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            Fantastic Harb,quite funny as you say like Harry Enfield. They must have intreviewed only posh people in those days,certainly never interviewed anyone from Liverpool there. Times certainly have changed !


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              A very interesting reminder of life when I was 9! I do vaguely remember that report coming out; even at my young age I noticed the debate it caused.

              Neither of my parents smoked, but most of the rest of the family did (with many suffering the health consequences later).

              By the way, we still all talk like that in the south, don't you know?


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                Originally posted by NickIslander View Post
                By the way, we still all talk like that in the south, don't you know?

                However, not even the Queen still sounds like that! - see

                Another example of modernisation of classic British icons - eg Mini, Rolls-Royce, Bentley.
                Germans, eh?!


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                  Originally posted by harb View Post

                  Germans, eh?!
                  LOL! Brilliant Harb!