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WTB 16710 GMT

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  • WTB 16710 GMT

    Looking for a minty 16710 coke bezel full set , Must be super clean and complete set thx for taking the time to read

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    pat_the_watch on instagram posted one yesterday. Full set from 2001, offered at £5650.


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      Hi Paul, It probably doesn't help but a minty 2002 full set just sold on TZ within 5 minutes for £4950, will keep a look out for you.


      • #4
        Hi Bob,

        Thank You kindly, its for my youngest lad, But having a read on some forums its maybe being relaunched this Basel 17 ? . with a ceramic coke bezel


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          Back on the radar


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            They're crazy money just now. Loads around that are rough and over-polished with no box/papers. They're £5-6k
            Mint full sets are in some cases pushing £6.5-7k....crazy money!


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              Hi Nairn,

              its for my youngest , He wants one bad , He cracks me up phoning me from NYC asking advice , The first one he see in a dealers window and is in there talking about buying it , I said wait till you get home . but its 1998 no box and papers that all he asked .

              I want a real Peachy one and if thats the price that is what it will be .


              • #8
                Sorted , found a mint 2007 uk watch full set 3186 movement with the stick dial , The Kid is happy !