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Newbie looking for Bnib rolex submariner no date 114060 or submariner date.

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  • Newbie looking for Bnib rolex submariner no date 114060 or submariner date.


    I'm looking for my first rolex watch. I've never bought a high end watch but have decided to treat myself. Looking for sub no date but may consider a date version. Looking for a new one with stickers still on. I'm based in Cornwall. Any help appreciated. Thank you in advance

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    Have you tried your local AD's - for a first time buyer that is your best option.


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      I have tried but unfortunately have had no luck


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        Have you tried one on, I had one and sold it on as it wasn't particularly comfortable, the case is large compared to the older subs and the case back is quite pronounced. I know they are popular but I was far from impressed.


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          I haven't tried a newer one no. I have tried an older sub and think I would prefer a newer one slightly bigger. Trouble is Cornwall is like the end of the earth not many AD's that I know of down this way. So haven't had chance to try one on. I will pop into the shop and see if they have a different sub I can try on for size. I've only emailed them with specific models that I'm interested in. Perhaps they will have a bi metal one I can try for sizing. Thank you for the advice.


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            No luck yet...... please message me if you can help me out.


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              I'd take a few days of travelling and physically visit some ADs, it's amazing what's there when you visit. Be pleasant and assure them you are there to buy.

              They will get almost hourly phone calls on Steel models (esp BLNR and DaytonaC) and people constantly phone and email. As a result they often say NO to people who aren't there in person.

              You will find one but you'll need to put the work in...part of the fun IMO..


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                Thank you for the advice Nairn1980.


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                  All sorted..... Thank you