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Rodentman's SOTC...

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  • Rodentman's SOTC...

    I got my new watch box so I am posting some crappy photos. Hey I know they are crappy but I don't care. You know what the watches look like anyway.

    L to R back row:

    ​Rolex TT DJ MOP dial, romans
    Rolex ND Sub C
    Rolex SD
    Rolex Daytona C
    G.O. Senator Panorama

    L to R front row:

    Tudor Pelagos titanium
    Tudor Bronze
    Tudor North Flag
    ​Grand Seikp Spring Drive
    ​Bulova Spaceview c1972

    L to R back row:

    ​Panerai 564
    ​Panerai 176
    Panerai 241
    B&M Cobra
    B&M Clifton RG

    ​L to R front row:

    ​Bruno Sohnle Mechanik #4
    Omega PO
    ​Omega Sapphire Sandwich Moonwatch

    The box.

    Panerai 305
    Panerai 423

    And some of the sordid straps. There are more. There is always more.

    ​I guess I bought all this stuff. I don't remember. I have some tidying up of the box to do, but wanted to get this posted before I forget what I am doing. I do have some marginally better photos of the individual pieces.

  • #2
    Superb collection, R-man!
    You have a lot of bases covered, there, but still some space for a perpetual calendar...


    • #3
      One of the two remaining spots will go to the Omega Deville annual calendar. And yes one spot is left. I still have my eye on the JLC black dial ultra thin perpetual. I thought of the 8 day hand wind one, but that one lacks a second hand. It also is a couple grand more. We shall see.

      ​The watches sit oddly due to the stiffness of some of the straps, like the python on one of the Panerais. Also the weight of the heads...


      • #4
        Some nice stuff going on there. Takes a long time to build something like that.


        • #5
          Not necessarily depending on the wallet!

          Nice collection, especially the Tudors!


          • #6
            Wonderful and a treat to view, thank you


            • #7
              What a nice set of watches and a cool box to keep them all in. Do you have preference as to what gets worn most or go day by day?


              • #8
                Pretty much day by day. I think I'm going to need a bank account setup for the servicing fees.


                • #9
                  Or a lottery win.......


                  • #10
                    Let me add that I tend not to wear the 47mm Panerais during the winter. There's a danger of hypothermia before your body warms up all that SS.

                    ​It DID take awhile to accumulate that collection. I bought the SD in 2004. I think that's the earliest one, I still enjoy picking out the watch for the day, and also the strap, although I don't change those every day. I have the old style brushed SS bracelet for the PAM241 but am getting a kick out of wearing it with a strap lately. Anxious to get the new Omega. Doubt it will be here by Friday, so maybe next week.


                    • #11
                      Nice collection, Bob! And nice box.


                      • #12
                        Very nice! If only my health hadn't intervened in my career, I would have hoped to have built a similar collection. As it is, I'm now limping along in the slow lane. Ce La vie!


                        • #13
                          Bruno Sohnle may not be a household word. Nice watch though.


                          • #14
                            That's a hell of a collection. Some very cool watches.