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This must cost a lot.

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  • This must cost a lot.

    This is the level that we very rarely see

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    I wonder how many of them will be around in 300 years and who will be able to afford the services during those 3 centuries. I wonder how many "lesser" perpetuals sold now will be around for the watchmakers to adjust on 1 March 2100.


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      I think it's more a case of "because we can"

      You'd need to adjust it when it stops- which it will.

      It's more a marvel of micro engineering which I tend to appreciate more in this day of disposable tablets and smartphones.


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        truly a marvel of engineering... but how many people even wear a perpetual every day to get the benefit every 4 years?


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          I derive inestimable pleasure and immeasurable pride from not owning either a tablet or smartphone. Unfortunately I had to give up the bakelite dial phone since those new-fangled automated systems require touch tone signals.