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Got a call from the AD...

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  • Got a call from the AD...

    They have a DSSD Blue and a BLNR for my consideration. Sadly I must pass on them both lest I borrow money and I won't do that. I opted a couple of weeks ago for the IWC Annual Calendar which I think will get more wrist time anyway, and the movement is rather different. Well, I am happy to say the least, just wish I had unlimited $. Can't have everything.

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    Given the choice of the IWC, the DSSD and the BLNR, you absolutely made the right decision!


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      Can't have everything indeed. The IWC is a great looking watch.


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        Thanks for reinforcing what I already knew. I have a No Date Sub C, Daytona C, older SD, and TT DJ with MOP dial. I think I have the Rolex bases covered. I posit that had I bought one of the Rolex's I mentioned, I'd still lust after the IWC and have genuine regret instead of short-lived regret.


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          Agree with the comments above - the IWC is a fine watch. I do like the BLNR, mind.


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            Stopped at the AD and looked at the two Rolexes mentioned. Funny that I never gave either one a second thought with the black dial DSSD and the black bezel GMT. So maybe it was the blue that got me going. Not enough reason for me. The DSSD is too massive and I have no need for a dual time zone watch. I seldom am more than 50 miles from home. So I am convinced I made the right choice with the IWC.


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              Originally posted by Rodentman View Post
              So I am convinced I made the right choice with the IWC.

              And I will also agree when you pick up the D-Blue or BLNR...


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                I don't think that will happen. I will see what the net of tax $$ are when I get my severance. That will be either in Sept or later if they offer me an extension and if I accept. It's still 1 Sept as of now, officially.