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Fun at the AD, again...

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  • Fun at the AD, again...

    Went to breakfast with a group from "the other hobby." I planned to stop at the AD to see if they could send my Breitling M1 in for service. I bought it in 2003 and after several battery changes and a fair amount of use the crown tube was worn, or stripped, and the crown would not screw down hence rendering the watch no longer water resistant to any degree.

    โ€‹I was intending to take it to the Breitling AD which was a decent drive away. I decided instead to stop at my friendly Rolex AD who formerly was a Breitling AD. They said they could not work on it and couldn't even send it in to BUSA, although I could. The owner mentioned trading it. My ears perked up, but I suspected it would be worth little in trade, needing a repair, although it DID run. They offered me far more than I thought I'd get, in fact almost 50% of the purchase price in 2003. I figured why spend many hundreds repairing a quartz watch, albeit a nice one, when I could get a decent allowance for it.

    โ€‹I did the deal, and bought the DSSD Blue, even getting the sales tax waived. All in all a good deal I'd say.

    โ€‹I even got the now illicit green document holder and the shipping coffin box. Bespoke for me was a document certifying me as bat-guano crazy which came as no surprise. All in all a good day at the AD.

    โ€‹The watch is quite nice, and not noticeably heavy once properly sized. I rather hope it doesn't grow on me, however. Hopefully it's BS proof as well as waterproof to 3900m. That will be needed at work.

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    Mans watch. Nice one - looks good.


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      Congrats, mine says hello ๐Ÿ˜œ


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        Well done, Bob - looks great on the wrist.

        And a super deal on the Breitling, I'd say!


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          Thanks, guys! Truly I thought the Breitling was destined for the bin. It had a bad crown tube and was 14 years old. Maybe they were being charitable figuring I'd pop for a new watch. They were right. Anyway, my accounts have taken a hit but the coroner will never get the smile off my face. I didn't think I'd love the SDDS as much as I do. I have already ordered the Rubber B strap with the blue line. Photos to follow when received.


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            Nice upgrade, the Deepsea SD is a keeper!



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              Who knows - they may be declared extinct in a few days.................

              Looks good on the wrist.

              And well done on off-loading the Breitling!


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                I wouldn't wish ill will to those who want one, but IF it is discontinued it won't break my heart. Even remaining in production I feel the blue dial is quite special. Scarce or plentiful it doesn't add or detract from the watch, to me. I'd still want a Daytona C even if they were readily available. Although the chase IS fun...


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                  Looks great on a big wrist. Unfortunately anything larger than 40mm looks silly on mine.


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                    Oddly, it's about as big as the M1 it replaced, although the latter was titanium and much lighter. I am anxious to get the Rubber B strap (tomorrow). I realize it fully changes the effect of the watch but since I have the Daytona C with PCL and the ND Sub C on the bracelet, and a SD on an Everest, I have several options in the Rolex arena. Frankly I don't really consider the DSSD a ""novelty" watch although I thought I would when looking at it before the purchase.


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                      Originally posted by Rodentman View Post
                      Although the chase IS fun...
                      Mate, the chase can be fun but when the only factors are a) whether the AD gets the watch in for you to look at and b) whether you have the bak account to support it, it is less of a chase.................more like a decision!

                      Mind you, a nice decision to have to make.


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                        The Rubber B strap has been delivered so I will be taking it to the AD for them to have the inestimable pleasure of installing it. Well, they offered. Hopefully photos will follow. I really hope it works out.

                        My bank account needs some recovery time.


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                          Rubber B strap mounted. I am properly chuffed.


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                            Originally posted by Rodentman View Post
                            Rubber B strap mounted. I am properly chuffed.
                            And so you should be! Damn, that looks great, Bob!


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                              That strap looks better than I thought it would. Very nice!