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How do you send your watch?

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  • How do you send your watch?

    I'm wanting to send my watch off to be serviced but have yet to find a delivery service that has adequate insurance. The highest I've found is RM Special Delivery and that's only to £2500 which is no good if you have a £4-5K watch to send. I know this subject has been bashed about a lot but I have yet to find a satisfactory answer to this.
    So what does everyone here do when they want to send off their watch for servicing etc. ? Do they just chance it and use RM Special Delivery?

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    If it's a Rolex just send it via an AD as they insure it and the service cost is virtually the same.


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      Thank you Gazoak. It is a Rolex but I'm trying to avoid using Rolex for personal reasons. Also their servicing cost are much more than a Rolex Accredited independent.


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        I appreciate the insurance issue but no-one, as far as I know, has ever had a problem with RMSD.


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          Im coming round to finding out that RMSD is the only way unless you have an account with a company like ParcelPro. Heard a couple of reports of RMSD packages going missing so its made me nervous on using them with high value items.


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            i have used RMSD about 20+ times. no problems.


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              Originally posted by MJJW1981 View Post
              i have used RMSD about 20+ times. no problems.

              Yes, I have sent dozens of Rolllies via RMSD and never had a problem.