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Cellini Moonphase - Basel 2017

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  • Cellini Moonphase - Basel 2017

    I like the Cellini models and generally hope they sell well.
    I also like moonphases - they're a whimsical piece of artistry on a watch.

    But I think this style of moonphase on the new Cellini is an absolute waste of time and energy.

    One should be able to look at a watch and see an approximation of what the moon in the sky looks like.
    This is how and why classical moonphase displays are so attractive.

    Exhibit 1: my JLC (stock photo)

    IWC have a moonphase that can work in both hemispheres
    I don't like it but even this has been executed to display a visual representation of the moon.

    Exhibit 2:

    But the Cellini Moonphase...seriously?

    I'm lost for words.
    A wasted opportunity.

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    Thank goodness it is not just me. I saw it yesterday and liked the case shape, the fitting of the strap, and the all round olde worlde look of the dial. All in all quite classy and desirable.

    30 minutes later I was still attempting to understand how it showed the moon as it appears from earth.

    Did they seriously spend time and effort designing such a potentially wonderful watch?


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      Oh, it's quite simple, really, Rod.
      Just have this easy guide tattooed somewhere...
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Moonphase NH.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	41.7 KB
ID:	254678

      ...if you're in the Northern Hemisphere...

      ....and this if you're in the South...
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Moonphase SH.jpg
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Size:	41.2 KB
ID:	254679

      Easy as pie.



      • #4
        Is Rolex having a laugh? Did they hire a lobotomised baboon to design this?
        Shame on you Rolex for showing yourself up like this.


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          Originally posted by grumpycamel View Post
          Is Rolex having a laugh? Did they hire a lobotomised baboon to design this?
          Shame on you Rolex for showing yourself up like this.

          Steady on, gc, that's a bit unfair on lobotomised baboons


          • #6
            You're right harb, I take it all back.


            • #7
              I don't need complicated. Just keep it simple dummy.. If I need moonphase info I just look up at night. ;-)

              Rolex refuses to make them. I know there would be huge interest in them.


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                I agree the moonphase is unnecessarily complex. I did see a couple of Cellinis at Basel that I would prefer over the moonphase.

                The first is a classic 3 hander - vintage-style black dial.


                • #9
                  The second is a stunning blue sunburst dial with subsidiary date dial.