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Submariner Ceramic Bezel

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  • Submariner Ceramic Bezel

    I've just purchased a Submariner LV and noticed that the Bezel seems to spring up and down when pushed whereas my black/red GMTII seems more solid. I assume this is how it should be and just wondered if it was the same on the anodised bezel submariners.

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    There's a fair amount of "rocking" movement of the bezel on my 16610LV... more than on my ceramic subs, which have a rather more sophisticated ratchet mechanism.

    As you assume, it's just the way it is and not a problem.
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      Yes it does have a slight springy tendency,that it i think because it has some type of ball race of some kind that the bezel sits on, my 116613LB is the same.Members like harb will probably know the technical side better than me.


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        Thanks for that


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          I must get my LV out to check, I've only had it a few weeks but have not noticed this.


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            Yep just checked mine is springy too.