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Old forum member back again.

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  • Old forum member back again.

    Hello everybody, I used to participate and trade on this awesome forum many moons ago when it was first turfers and then newturfers. I think my last activity was back in 2008.

    Have fond memories of John from Ireland and that shifty fella that runs a locksmith in North London ;-)😁. Plus a couple of others which I forgot their names sorry.

    Never forgot however , bought my first ever Rolex via here through Yves Odier back in 1999, was either an S or U serial first batch that didn't use tritium anymore. Wont tell you how much I paid for it, peanuts compared to current prices :-)

    I live in the USA , Florida now. No longer London.

    Hopefully get myself a watch to wear soon as I've been "nakid" since 2008 , wrist wise that is.

    Glad to back, big thanks to the forum admins who re-instated my credentials, appreciate it.

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    Happy to see you back on board, Frederick and glad to have been able to help!


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      Welcome back. How have you managed to survive since 2008 with no watch? Surely that counts as mental cruelty?


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        What no watch?! Crazy talk! That Florida sun has gone to your head!


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          Indeed the sun has got to my head as has the massive bug swampy life environment. Hope all is well, now perhaps to start looking at future purchases and perhaps build myself some links this side of the pond. hehe.


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            Having we seen on Ax Men in the swamp?!


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              Don't laugh guys, although I've never considered myself a watch snob I recently started collecting again. Past 30 days got three timepieces. No, not saying what they are. Lol.
              This is coming from a 16660 SD ,16610 sub, 16610lv and the white Daytona I had bought from John . First 16610 was bought from Yves Odier ( still around ?) Back in 1998 or there abouts. Remember was questioning why the dial stated Swiss instead of Swiss
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                Originally posted by Frederick View Post
                Past 30 days got three timepieces. No, not saying what they are.
                Umm...why not?!


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                  I recently rejoined the forum after a long absinthe. If you get tired of FL you can come up to MN in the winter when it may be -25 but there are no bugs.


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                    I like a long drink of absinthe.