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Default Panerai 305 - 1950 Submersible

The Panerai 305 – 47mm 1950 Submersible


Theres always a degree of concern that a 47mm watch is going to be ‘too big’ but Panerai have added two key components that have made what should be a monster into a large teddy bear. Firstly using Titanium has made this watch lighter than many that are smaller and secondly the use of the 1950’s case. It is these two elements that make for a watch that sits nicely, it lacks the top heavy wobble of the 243 and seems to spread and blend into the wrist almost shying away from its mass rather than exploiting its size. I also wear a Rolex DSSD and when you look at the comparison pictures it appears dwarfed by the 305 but on the wrist it has the illusion of wearing in a smaller way.

It is approx 18.5mm thick and covers 54mm across to the edge of the crown guard! Again youre thinking it’s a beast but in reality its large but not overpowering.

The case itself is a brushed Titanuim finish and coupled with the strong and subtle curves of the 1950 design it might occasionally look a little marked or dirty but a wet finger will remove the illusion. Titanium is very easy to work with should a scratch or ding occur which is an added bonus.


Panerai have got this bezel so right, the ¼ markers have a low profile and are angled into the bezel with minute markers from 0-15 beautifully laser engraved. Each of the 5 minute markers sit very slightly raised but not enough to attract dirt, the coin edge has a polished appearance to the upper edge as does the crown which catchs the eye in the right light as does the sapphire crystal which again has the slightest of dome curves to it. A theme is beginning to emerge with this piece where every detail is on the right curves and profiles almost as if they knew it would stand tall and bold and needed to make sure its appearance was immaculate.

Its when you click the bezel for the first time that you start to smile, this has the most reassuring click (almost a clunk) to it and engages every cog with reassuring precision. It suffers no wobble or rattle at all and has the right balance of friction to ensure it isnt moved accidently but equally doesn’t need a Vulcan death grip to move it on


The Pam 305 opted for a Matte Bead blasted dial which can only have been inspired by Panerai 2533 & 3646 models from way back in the day. Superluminova is the paint of choice and skeleton hands seen on other Panerai models complete the setup. Lume is bright and strong and whilst we all love a Tritium dial this isnt going to happen in the modern world so we have to live with Superluminova that will last longer than Tritium and not rot, flake off and potentially damage the movement.

The simpliest of cutaways displays the date, no frills here just a clean cut rectangle but sometimes less is more and it works, I would have liked to have seen a angled edge to this window but they have got everything else so right I can forgive them.


I wont begin to try and pretend I understand the exact detail of movements so this is a shameless cut and paste.

Calibre P.9000 Technical Information
Automatic mechanical movement
Number of Components: 197
Number of Jewels: 28
Size: 13 3/4 lignes
Frequency: 28,800 alternations per hour
Balance: Glucydur
KIF Parechoc anti-shock device
Two Barrels
Power Reserve: 3 days

What I do know is that it ticks away nicely and is well within COSC limits regardless of how I wear it or what I do. What is also very nice is that you can change the hour hand without the seconds stopping so if you have set it to GMT clock and are travelling or adjusting to BST etc the process is made easy.


In the box one is presented with the Kevlar Material Strap and a rubber diver, both very capable and pleasant to have, previous Panerais I have owned always came with a somewhat basic Panerai Leather strap which was designed for the little Italian Fellas at 75/110 and not really any use in the real world. I opted to order a custom vintage Leather strap of two to dress it up as the Pam 305 has the push quick release strap change facility which means changing straps is a doddle taking all of 30 seconds.


I got this watch when it was first released, I thought it was the one but I sold it back in 2009. I have returned to it in 2012 and feel that the time is right for it. One thing I foolishly did was read the opinions of people who had only looked at it or pictures of it and they all poked it with sticks because of its size, similar to the DSSD mob, but in reality, like the DSSD, if you wear it everyday it is an absolute pleasure.

Its not going to be everyones cup of tea but I feel the same about smaller watches I just don’t feel the need to publically ridicule them because I don’t like them.

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I knew you'd get the PAM.

Really nice catch fella, and a great write up.
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Learning to Tell Time
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Really nice photos and an excellent review. Recently, I had the pleasure of trying one of these on along with the s/s PAM 24 and I was very impressed. Exactly as you have described and I am torn between the two. If I could, I would buy both....


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