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Default Closetothebrink

Decent, honest, extremely trustworthy and very easily talked into needing another watch.

John and the lovely Lady M, are both wonderful people but they would both appear to have a flaw in their character. They seem to encourage each other to have yet another watch, when in reality we all know that once you decide that one is not enough it can quickly become a problem and before you know it you are on forty a day. Even worse than that he mentioned the word "Vintage!" So he is really heading down a slippery slope.

So please deal with them in complete confidence but promise not to encourage them to get deeper into this terrible affliction.

Thanks again, Rolexroz

P.S. A nicer couple you will not find.
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Thanks for the kind words Rod. But unfortunately, meeting you whilst you were wearing the exact same blue TT Sub that is now at the top of my wish list, which was then only made worse by seeing your lovely wife wearing that beautiful red Sub, hasnít helped my affliction in the slightest!
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