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- By Oniram Date 2002-09-18 17:26
Hello all-

I like the way that this watch looks, but I have never heard of the brand. Does anyone have any info / suggestions about these watches? Also, is there any place that carries them in NYC?

Link with pics on ebay:


Thanks in advance,

Parent - By Ayjay (Forum Administrator) Date 2002-09-18 17:41
These watches are a fraud. They are nothing more than $20 cheap chinese watches, being sold for thousands. The company is operated by a convicted fraudster. Stay away !!!

Read this review, then you will understand;

Oh, and the eBay seller? That's Terry Allison....the fraudtser himself.
I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my Grandfather did......not screaming & shouting like his passengers.
Parent - By Oniram Date 2002-09-18 18:09

Thanks for the heads up. I guess I should have known that it was too cheap to be a quality timepiece.

What other brands could be suggested for under 1k? I am looking for the same style as the Allison with a brown leather strap.


Parent By Ayjay (Forum Administrator) Date 2002-09-18 18:42
In new watches, check out the Oris collection. Good value and plenty of different styles (search through all their collection, they have a few different rectangular models);


Maybe you should also think about some used watches, as $1k or less will restrict your choice somewhat. But secondhand will give you a wider selection.
I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my Grandfather did......not screaming & shouting like his passengers.
Parent By morgan Date 2002-09-18 18:43
Under 1k, i'd go for discounted Omega's.

Parent By Mike-16610 Date 2002-09-19 02:18
Terry also goes by the name Travis Sluthog (spelling may be wrong but it's close) so watch out for him as well.
Parent By John Dunbar Date 2002-09-19 18:15
I read this and it was a revelation so I then went to the "Montres Allison" Website and the whole thing is set up to convey richness and quality.
What I think is particularly disgusting : ebay has this guy using the good graces and trust system that they have and they allow him to have secret auctions. If you try and check for feedback there is none because they operate in the dark. I think this is shameful and I will convey that to ebay if I can get through their interminable "Customer Support" system.
Parent - By axcontrols Date 2002-09-19 08:14
There's a couple of things going on here.

In the far east there are factories turning out low cost watches which have no makers name on the watch. The same goes for almost every other type of product you could think of. A factory churns out lots of unbranded stuff and a company will purchase by the truck load from the factory, take them home, and write their own logo and maker's marks on the product and design some pretty packaging and sell it as if it was their own product.

There's no law against this of course and many companies do this especially high street retailers, low cost jewellers. Just look in your local high street jewellers (I don't mean the high cost ones selling rolex or omega) and see how many watches you can spot that are so much like a TT DJ but have the jeweller's own brand name on the dial. How many other products do you see that look identical except for the badge. In fact you can often save a fortune by buying a lesser known brand because when you buy a well known brand you're often buying just the name and the product is rebadged.

Of course there's people who would buy a truck load of no-name watches, take them home and then stick somebody elses name on them. The factory didn't make a fake rolex, they just made a no-name watch and somebody else turned it into a fake rolex. Obviously the factory made their product similar to somebody elses because A: they don't have to spend money thinking up their own designs and B: it gives them more chance to sell no-name watches because they know there'll be somebody willing to convert them into fake rolexes.

I said at the start that there's two things going on. Well, that was the first.

The second is Marketing.

If I go to the far east and bring back a load of no-name watches and then spend a couple of dollars redialing them with the Ax logo, engraving the back and making a pretty box and warranty paper work. All that cost money (possibly more than the watch in the first place) and I can sell them (or try to) for as much money as I want. My marketing capaign will of course do exactly the same as every well known high street shop. I'll inflate the Recomended Retail Price and sell at a fraction of that by telling you it's a special "on-line" price. It's human nature. if I tell you this is a $100 watch and I want $200 for it then you'll kick my ass. If I tell you it's a $1000 watch but I only want $200 for it then I'm onto a winner. My missus is forever coming home with things and groceries that she wouldn't normally have bought but because they were "reduced" or "2 for the price of 1" she bought them to save money!!! Doh!

I wouldn't want to get in trouble with Denny by suggesting that Invicta buy their watches from the same factory that the (better) fake Rolexes come from. It's just that Invicta spend a bit more cash adding their own brand name and making a box etc. But, like I say, I wouldn't want to offend Denny so I won't suggest it.
Parent - By Dennykgee Date 2002-09-19 18:45
WELL ! I have never been so offended !!! but in reality, an invicta watch's quality is great, great quality and it shows all over the watch.. but the fake watches quality is not there, trust me I know my fake watches and I seen them all, the quality is NOT THERE. Invicta has lots of good quality...
Parent - By Ayjay (Forum Administrator) Date 2002-09-19 19:06
Denny, my man.

I REALLY think you should go and check out some nice watches, so that you have a better database for your perception of quality.
I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my Grandfather did......not screaming & shouting like his passengers.
Parent - By Dennykgee Date 2002-09-19 19:55
OH ayjay, if only you can see an invicta right away, the quality will stun you ! especially for the price ! o please, you gotta see one ! they have all the right stuff. the metal is all smooth, the stamping is percise you gotta go see one ! OMG !!
Parent By Phonetrader Date 2002-09-19 20:12
Denny, are you sure you are not just moonlighting as a sales rep. for INVICTA?

It's gotta be either that or you are their majority stockholder.
Phonetrader's back .... 25% lighter but meaner than ever !!
Parent - By Stryke Date 2002-09-19 20:16
I saw a few at Tourneau Watch Gear in NJ. I only have one word. GARBAGE. Denny lets be real. Their watches average for $150 retail. I don't care if they are made like a $700 watch. What do you want to compare them to? Movado? Still garbage. In the lower end of watches, price wise, Rolex is king!
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Parent By Rodentman Date 2002-09-19 21:17
My Invicta skeleton automatic died after two weeks. And oh, that grinding rotor noise. I got my stinking $195 back and bought a ML Calendrier Retrograde instead. A few grand more, but you know I was gonna buy it anyway...
You can't hug your kids with nuclear arms.
Parent - By laredo614 Date 2002-09-19 21:44
Although Movado is not that bad as Stryke makes them out to be..INVICTA is junk..pure and simple..I'd take a Swiss Army any day of the week over an Invicta and they're not a fav of mine.
Parent - By Dennykgee Date 2002-09-19 22:04
Swiss Army, Wenger, and Movado, Seiko, citizen, and casio/timex metal watches are JUNK. junk. they want hundreds of dollars for their junk watches and the quality isnt even good, I have seen them in person. Nope, Invicta beats them all in quality.
Parent - By Stryke Date 2002-09-19 22:24
Here is the bottom line the way I see it. Please don't take it as criticism, only pure fact. I am not making fun of or trying to belittle anyone, but this is just my honest opinion. Denny obviously is drooling over having a Rolex but can't afford it. Invicta makes all of the Rolex sport's models look-alikes for a cheap price. Denny goes out and buys 10 of them to look like a Sub, EXP II, Daytona etc....and it makes him feel better because he feels as if in his own weird way he has a little make believe Rolex collection. Again, this is not to make fun of him or anyone else but I think that it is the reason he defends the brand and takes offense to attacks against them. I don't care if you knock my Rolex, my car, my clothes etc....because I know if I have a Suit made for $1,000 or a shirt made for $300 or a Rolex at least I'm getting true quality. If I could not afford it I would buy what I could but I would accept it for what it is and would take no offense to tha fact that I bought inferior products. I wore a Swiss Army for years and when people who really knew watches told me it's just junk with a name I said "I know but I'm not really into spending on a watch right now". When I drove an 87 Pontiac in HS and kids came in in an Infiniti I didn't look for the qualities in my Pontiac, I said "I know it's junk but when I have more money I'll buy a better car. Wanna come over after school anf help me scratch it?" It takes more of a man to say.."Hey I would love to have a quality watch, but can't afford it right now so buying some look-alikes in the meantime makes me happy" instead of trying to preach the quality in their pressed steel case and whatever else they give you for a buck ninety five.

Again, JMHO

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Parent By Aj Date 2002-09-20 00:59
I am going to hold my opinion till I see the Invictas with my own eyes. Denny, please do not forget to bring them .
Parent - By Dennykgee Date 2002-09-20 03:21
Whoa... That is not true. I cant change your mind about it but this is what I am talking about. Rolex costs thousands of dollars. Fine. but what I am saying is this. Just wait till you see the Invicta collection I have.. YES I buy them because they look like rolex. I buy them because they look like Franc Muller, Bulgari, etc etc..

NOW. as for quality, and I am a horology hobbiest, it is GOOD QUALITY.. there are only so many watches out there in the world. Here is a list of watches based on QUALITY !! OK ??

SHIT : Metal watches usually made in asia, Basically crap, the bracelets are folded metal, the cases are brass which are coated with stainless steel, movements are usually cheaper quartz, and the crystal is GLASS or plastic. You can notice the watch is not very well finished, there are rough spots on the metals, Watches in this catagory are, usually Casio, Timex, Pulsar , fake watches, and the watch that is in this thread's topic.

inbetween this and the next level are usually Seiko, Citizen, Pulsar low end watches..

Piss : A wee tad better, the bracelets are at least solid ingots, but still lacks the quality of finish, the watches are basically ill constructed. fashion type watches, Movements are decent but not great, some are made of stainless steel, some are coated. watches in this catagory are such like Banana republic, metal swatches, kenneth cole, coach, basically brand name watches whos brand makes things other than watches. Lower Tissot watches, better seikos and citizens, and lower watches from the swatch group falls into this catagory..

Water: Now a little above in quality comes with this. Movements are either Japanese Miyota Automatic or ETA mecanical, Japanese and Swiss makes good decent movements. as you already know ETA mechanical movements can be had in the 20 dollar each price range. basically the watches are full stainless steel, the bracelets are solid ingots and well finished, smooth, and the clasp works wonderfully. Crystal are of hardened mineral glass or sapphire. Such brands are to be divided. Honest brands know what they are selling and offer for a realistic prices. MOVADO sells these watches at a high cost and still not as good as invicta made watches.. Tissot's better watches, ORis, Hamliton, basically any watch with an unmodified movement from either ETA or other basic movement makers .. and what a joke those Gorgio armani watches are...

Food : Basically the same watch as above , but under a 8X loupe, you can see that the quality of the watch is good, they take care of the watches they make and you notice that the finish is above what is called for in that price range, INVICTA sells these watches and at a low cost because they are not great watches.. but still the quality is very good and is well made.

Wine : Tag heuer watches, Basically very well made case and bracelets, sapphire for crystals, the case, bracelets and crystal and dial quality is that of high end brands, but the movements are ETA or something...

Jack Daniels : Rolex, Omega watches, great finished cases, great finished bracelets, sapphire crystal, but In house made Movements or modified ETA movements. note: omega have a co-axial escapement ! these watches are great, but the horological aspect is little, rolex have a few basic movements, nothing fancy...

Orange juice watches : same a rolex in finish and quality, but the movements are very complicated, such as franc muller watches which has all those little doo dads and thingys, tourbillion, perpetual calendar, minute repeater, power reserve, and plenty of other thing..

So when I say Invicta's watches have good quality, they actually do. the finish on their watch is great for the price, the cases are full stainless steel, the bracelets are solid throughout and on different models, the crystal are sapphire or mineral glass. I really think they put out a great product for the price. that is why I am so thrilled with them !!
Parent - By Thor Date 2002-09-20 09:45
Denny, what about Brietling?
Next to Rolex I love the look of the automatics.

BTW, where did you get the 'OJ' Water & food comparisons? ;-)

Your posts are great, thanks for brightening my hectic days!
Parent - By Phonetrader Date 2002-09-20 10:32
I'd be carefull THOR. If your watch says BRIETLING on the dail, it might be a fake. LOL
Phonetrader's back .... 25% lighter but meaner than ever !!
Parent - By Thor Date 2002-09-20 11:18
well spotted I meant Breitling.
Parent By harb (Moderator) Date 2002-09-20 12:22
I'm sure you had your primary teacher's words in your head........."..'i' before 'e' except after 'c'....." LOL
Parent By Rodentman Date 2002-09-20 13:02
I wanted a watch with a MOP dial so I bought an Invicta Speedway. It is heavy, solid stainless, and allegedly 20 atm water-resistant. However, because of the sweep seconds, the tach scale is rather useless, and the second hand does not line up with the seconds marks on the dial. Not even close. I think it's different with each second, and maybe different each rotation. And quartz, but for under $200 OK. I wouldn't collect them, however.
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Parent - By Ayjay (Forum Administrator) Date 2002-09-19 22:21
By the way, Marino, if you really like the look of those Montres Allison pieces of crap....go to this website where the exact same watches are being sold for around $500 (still too expensive for the junk that they are, though).

Still....sure beats paying $5,000 for the same watch!

I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my Grandfather did......not screaming & shouting like his passengers.
Parent - By Oniram Date 2002-09-20 06:16

Thanks for the link, but I could never buy anything fake and made to look like something that it is not. I dont know what I want to go for now. I would truly like to have a sub date, but that would take me a bit to save for, and again, I was looking for a watch to wear when not wearing my rollie, so a sub wouldnt be the best choice. I was maybe thinking Rado, the ceramica, but I dont know if that fits me anymore (I used to want it when I was younger, and pre-rolex). So, my search will continue, but I will surely make a purchase in a brand name QUALITY product.

Thank you again for providing the information that I needed before I went and spent good money on a piece of junk!


Parent - By Dennykgee Date 2002-09-21 08:59
Hi, did you say you wanted a sub, but something to wear when you are not wearing your rolex ?

I think you should consider this.. it's around 80 bucks, it has a quartz movement so it is accurate to death, there are no need for winders, no need for expensive 5 year maintainces... This watch is the dreaded Invicta 9307. It is all stainless steel, solid bracelet, swiss movement, mineral crystal, water resist 200 meters. a watch like this is no subsitiution for a rolex sub, it pales in comparision, but will make a good spare watch to beat around in....

Parent By Dennykgee Date 2002-09-21 09:12
Oh, and the reason I collected the invictas is that it is strictly for fashion. I am in the movie business, and I like to have several different watches for different outfits. such as a dressy watch, a sporty watch, a trendy watch, etc.. now I got to break them down to match the colors that I wear, so, with my blue suit goes the blue dial dressy watch, the leather jacket gets the sporty black dial watch, etc etc etc you get my point. Invicta allows me to do this since their watches are cheaply priced. BUT also I find that invicta's quality is actually good. we have all seen the cheap watches at Kmart and Duane reade, those watches are crap. but invictas are good enough to be a everyday watch. really it is, but I would like to one day have a very nice swiss watch just to wear on special occasions. perhaps a rolex datejust or omega 38mm AT. Honest to god if I had the kind of money ayjay has, I would have a wall of winders stuffed with different rolexes and francs. but I dont, I am a blue collar man, scrapping a living in the provinces... so invictas they are !
Parent - By Stryke Date 2002-09-21 15:25
Hate to burst your bubble, but Rolex is built to be worn everyday as a beater. In fact, there is no better beater than a Rolex.
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Parent - By Dennykgee Date 2002-09-21 19:09
Look boye ! there is no bubble to burst ! Rolex costs thousands of dollars ! you tell me why one would buy a 4 grand beater !! a FOUR GRAND BEATER ! well, except ayjay....
Parent - By Stryke Date 2002-09-21 19:23
My name is not Ayjay and I bought a 6 grand beater, Boye! I'm also buying a SS Daytona as another 6 grand beater, Boye! The reason why? It's a good watch, looks nice and made to take abuse. I lift weights with my beater, swim with my beater, work with my beater, wash my car with my beater and do everything with it that you would do with an Invicta. I bet you in 20 years it still will be my beater and run. Will the Invicta????

See you tonight, Boye!
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Parent - By Dennykgee Date 2002-09-22 08:16
I dont know if you know , but when people say "beater" it refers to a lesser watch than you already have that you can use when you do things rather not with the better watch, so if a rolex is your beater, what is your regular watch ???
Parent By Stryke Date 2002-09-22 13:58
Definition of beater is here for you.

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Parent - By des Date 2002-09-22 13:55
how about Bulova which have watches made to look almost exactly like Rolex? Alvin Lye of TimeAntiques' carrying them...what movements Bulova have? Are they value for $$$?

Parent - By Dennykgee Date 2002-09-22 18:10
IMHO not. Why spend hundreds and hundreds ( 375, 499, ) on a watch that looks like a rolex ? the whole point is the low cost. for 499, it isnt worth it. for 99 it is worth it.. but I gotta see one in real life to check out it's quality..

BEATER : think about the name. something to beat or to do beating. why would you call your watch a beater if it isnt ? if you wear a beater all day long every day , you call it just your "watch" so a beater watch have to be the secondary watch.
Parent - By REORX Date 2002-09-22 19:38
My definition of a beater: A "beater" is a low cost (<$250?), durable, disposable (i.e. no emotional attachment) watch that you put on when you don't want to abuse your daily wear watch (a watch you care about).

No-one ever takes out insurance on a beater. Said another way, if it's insured, it's not a beater (IMHO).

Just my 7 cents...


p.s.: Some folks don't own a "beater".

The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard
Parent - By Stryke Date 2002-09-22 19:43
By my definition I think EXP II said it best:

"beater = the watch you use day in day out and you dont baby it too much."

Or if you disagree with the definition than put it this way. What you do with your "beater" (ie. wash your car, swim, workout etc..) I do with my Daily watch which is the TT Sub. Call it a beater or not, it serves the same purpose to me as a beater would to you.
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Parent By REORX Date 2002-09-22 19:52

I guess my point is that a beater is a watch you don't care about and can replace easily and cheaply. Your SUB is a great watch which is very rugged/durable - but - it isn't a beater. A beater is the watch you put on when you are doing something that you are afraid may damage you sub... If you don't have a watch that fits this description, as I said, some folks don't own a beater...


p.s.: If you don't own a beater, I'm sure Denny can sell you one... The really funny thing about beaters is that IF they survive for a significant number of years, you can develope a love for and attachment to them... My (almost) 20 year old Seiko quartz diver is an example (for me).

The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard
Parent - By Mike-16610 Date 2002-09-22 01:46
Check out this thread from tz

Parent - By John (Moderator) Date 2002-09-23 01:26
now theres some good news.
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Parent By Rodentman Date 2002-09-23 01:59
My IWC titanium is my "beater." I wear it on weekends and after work when I mow the alleged lawn, etc. It doesn't readily scratch, is quite waterproof, durable, and accurate. I don't consider it a dress watch so I don't much wear it to work. I wear watches that cost less during the weekdays. (And some that cost more.) It's all a matter of what use it's put to. I won't wear a croc strap watch washing the car, for example....But I prefer straps to bracelets at work.
You can't hug your kids with nuclear arms.
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