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- By automan Date 2005-02-26 13:53 Edited 2005-02-26 13:56
I have for sale a 47mm MM20 anniversary edition made for the 20th year in business of the producer RXW. It has the sought after anti glare coated sapphire crystal which was an optional extra when new. As was the brushed case finish. The bezel is polished.

The package includes 3 leather straps; 1 in light brown/tan with off white stitching - unworn. The black water proof strap has white stitching. The light brown/tan one is marked on the short side "1873 CONNOLLY LEATHER LONDON"; and on the long side "ROYAL FAMILY PURVEYOR, HANDSEWING OF A SADDLE CRAFTSMAN". The black strap is marked "ANTI-SEAWATER HORSE LEATHER" on the short side while on the long side, it says "GENUINE LEATHER". These two came with the watch. The third one is a BWB ditressed light brown calf with "fishtail" buckle - brushed.

The watch comes with 2 screwdrivers. One is a standard Swiss made Burgeon while the other has two covered tips: a screwdriver at one end and two-pronged fork at the other for easy removal of the buckle spring bar.

The original buckle is a marvel, nearly 4mm thick with a curved recess to ensure a snug fit with the strap and wrist. The sides are polished while the surface is brush finished.

One of the highlights of this watch would be the domed crystal a real treat! It is domed beautifully in that it forms an arc together with the bezel when viewed sideways.

Made of surgical grade SUS316L stainless steel, the case provides 100m water resistance to the watch. The finishing of the case is excellent and the crown guard and lever is made very well. The winding crown is relatively bigger compared to the resissued 1950 and this makes for easier winding. The back is screwed to the case and has the following script: 100M UNITAS 6497 SWISS SUPER PRECISION ANTIMAGNETIC 1000 GAUSS ROCKX WATCH SUS 316L LUMINOVA PLASMIR DIAL". The strap is fastened to the case by  screws on both sides of the lugs, similar to the vintage models that it is paying homage to.

The dial has a sandwich type construction like the original vintage ones. It is actually made of 3 layers: a metal (anti magnetic plate, a layer of luminova and a dial with cut outs to show the luminova underneath.

The movement is a Unitas 6497 handwind.

All goodies contained within the original display box and outer cardboard box.

Condition of the watch is excellent. A few light swirls from light use. One small mark on the crown protector.

Lots more pics if you are interested.

Plenty of references.

Looking for 960 elivered in the UK. Additional postage at cost.

Attachment: 1ammfaceonangle.JPG (0.0 kB)
Parent - By AdamB Date 2005-02-26 14:14
Gray, do you have a larger pic, so we can see some more detail :-)
Parent - By AdamB Date 2005-02-26 14:15
You may want to delete yours before the mods put a hit out on you...I have resized it for you.

Parent By automan Date 2005-02-26 14:17
Thanks Adam, I really must learn how to do that!


Parent - By Phonetrader Date 2005-02-26 23:34
Sorry mr. Automan but it still looks like a fake panny to me. :-(
Phonetrader's back .... 25% lighter but meaner than ever !!
Parent - By automan Date 2005-02-27 09:21
A fake would have "Panerai" on it and it clearly does not. It says "Marina Militare" on the dial which means "Navy" and "RXW" on the back, the manufacturer.

The MM20 is true to the 40s dive watch manufactured by Rolex (for Panerai) and has a similar case design and anti magnetic protection to the original. The closest Panerai has come to this design is probably the PAM 127 which doesn't have these features and was released after the MM20.

It is clearly a matter of choice and definition as to one's view of the watch. A PAM 127 will cost in the region of 5,000 for the same base Unitas movement and a lower technical specification so the MM20 certainly has a niche ;-) ...in addition to being a great watch (to many).


Parent - By adcam Date 2005-02-28 17:17
Parent By automan Date 2005-02-28 19:27
..and that was the choice of a Japanese court...last year and well documented and discussed.
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