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- By andyh Date 2003-08-19 16:04
.........Knew that would catch your attention, but sadly over here it's more like fat stomached male hairy-backed supermarket shoppers!

You see something has always bugged me, and I wondered if, in your respective countries fellow turfers whether the same repulsive behaviour goes unchecked.

OK, recently in the UK we had the hottest weather since records began. Now every year we usually get a few sunny days, and it seems to be that when that big hot yellow thing in the sky rears through the clouds for all of ten seconds, its the subconscious cue for every penis brained male delinquent of all ages to wander aimlessly around the streets without any shirt covering their torso. It simply isn't necessary...every single hot destination that  I have ever visited on holiday, I am yet to see the male breed act in this way...only seems to happen in Britain. My wife is from a poor village Sicily where they roast in temperatures reaching 40, and I can tell you that you'd be laughed at in the street if you walked around like that, and if you tried to walk in a place where food is served or purchased...well!! 

Now to walk around barechested is ultimately up to them, but the one place that to me is sacriligious and should be respected is the supermarket whilst I'm trying to purchase mature chedder and similar items, it just makes me wretch....and yet I saw no less than 10 bare shirted twits all purchasing food items last week, dressed in obligatory loud patterned shorts, old sandals (with socks...another very british tradition...don't ask) and bugger all else on. I find it repulsive and at the checkout I asked the girl serving what she thought of it....she agreed and actually said that at a barbecue she went to someone said the very same thing to her.

Now I know what your gonna say..."well what if it was jenifer lopez or kylie minogue blah blah"...well yeah, i'd love to see it, but its not relevant cos it ain't gonna happen, and yes, I would reluctantly have to agree though..."no nekkidness pleez" should apply.   

Is this a normal gripe, or am I being too analy retentive   
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Parent - By Bond007 Date 2003-08-19 16:28
i want my bare chested babes!!!!!
Parent By andyh Date 2003-08-19 16:42
yeah, but I'm talking about this, not babes...this is the type of person that sadly undresses too often in the UK

(Caption:..."when the sun comes out, this jackets coming straight off"")

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Parent - By johnnycanuck Date 2003-08-19 17:13
I guess the old adage, "no shirt, no shoes, no service," doesn't apply in merry ole England.
Parent By andyh Date 2003-08-19 17:27
I imagined that over there you guys wouldn't stand for it Johnny. You know I once had a sth african girlfriend who's friend clearly hated the brits, and launched in to a tirade about how we thought we were so polite and yet when she visited she thought we were the rudest pigs in the universe. I'm a stickler for manners and etiquette, and I have to agree, standards have really dropped here in a major way
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Parent - By morgan Date 2003-08-19 18:04

People/men in certain parts of denmark show similar behaviour. Usually only the areas where you'd be afraid to go at night....


Parent By AggieD90 Date 2003-08-19 18:47

Kevin C
"A gentleman does not motor about after dark." - Joseph Lucas
Parent By andyh Date 2003-08-20 08:39
hey Morgan...but i'd hazard a guess they look like this.....

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Parent - By ldhrads Date 2003-08-19 19:10
My favorite sign says "No shoes, No shirt, No service"

Unfortunately, here in sunny Florida, I live in "Cracker Country".  Definitely not Miami !!!

Tattoos are considered clothing I think.
Parent - By Craig Date 2003-08-19 20:49
I  am also in FL and while I do see some "bare chested" males in public, it is mostly kids and teenagers and not in stores or resturants.

What bugs me is the men who wear speedos at the beach.  As it says at one of the beach bars in Cocoa Beach, "There's no needo for speedos"!

I also have a friend who has a house in one of the National Seashore Parks (they were grandfathered in) where they have a nude beach down the road a ways.  The nudies who wander down his way are NEVER anyone you would want to see in that state of undress!  Luckily there is plenty of sand and saltwater to wash your eyes out with...
Parent By andyh Date 2003-08-20 08:43
I know what you mean. whenever you see nudists on tv for example, they are usually quite plain at best or they look like they fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.
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Parent - By _PC62 Date 2003-08-19 19:37
i've walked around in public sans shirt, but then again i've got nice upper torso if i do say so myself....and i do: )
Parent By Bond007 Date 2003-08-19 19:40
pics please
just kidding :-)
Parent - By andyh Date 2003-08-20 08:51
Hi PC...thats my point, its irrelevent how impressive your torso is. As a male with no interest in male physique it simply makes it more palatable than a fat git's huge beer gut and hairy gait...thats about all though, more palatable.
Its still ultimately repulsive to more people than you would care or wish to believe. My body is absolutely fine, not great but it used to be when I was 21. I used to work out and looked mighty impressive...I never even washed the car bare chested though, i can tell you.

A scenario for you....Whilst shopping, a man with a mighty imressive ripped muscular lean torso is next to you at the fresh cheese section at the supermarket. Whilst you have no sexual interest, you still can't help but notice a 4" diameter mole on his shoulder complete with protruding hairs....do you still order that specially matured brie or does it put you off just a little?

get my point?   

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Parent - By _PC62 Date 2003-08-20 13:49
i grew up in a neighborhood chock full of puerto ricans (not that i am in any way like them) and it was common for those guys to go around without a shirt.  i guess i got used to seeing old pot bellied porkers with titties so it just doesn't bother me (it's sorta like dog poop on the sidewalk...it's there, it may be disgusting, but after a while it becomes part of the scenery and learn to ignore it).
Parent - By andyh Date 2003-08-20 13:57
Ha ha...LOL! - but you see there's laws against dog poop on the pavement (sidewalk) where we are...usually ignored, but there's a hefty 500 fine if the wrong person catches you.
How's about a similar law against nekkidness?

Didn't a mayor in an Italian seaside resort last year ban women over a certain size from wearing bikinis or something? 
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Parent - By johnnycanuck Date 2003-08-20 14:13
Why is it that the size of a tourists speedo/bikini is inversely proportionate to the amount of extra weight they carry?

When I was in the Algarve, the only 'birds' going topless where large British and German women... while the local hotty pork chops went with the tops.  :-)
Parent - By andyh Date 2003-08-20 14:35
I am truly sorry if I am about to offend any Portuguese turfers, but I have to say JC, the Algarve holiday I took last summer was one of the most dissapointing holidays I have had in my entire!...full of us Brits who are particularly good at ruining places, the locals were highly unfriendly and for no reason either, and the accomodation was expensive and lousy as was the food. I like befriending locals, but found the portuguese version of hospitality truly astounding. 
The coach stopped at seven hotels en route as it dropped off holidaymakers, and each one seemed to get progressively worse, but luckily improved a tad when we reached our destination. At one point I commented that one of the hotels looked like a scene from beirut or the gaza strip.it was abysmal. The only other destination where I have been equally disapointed was Tunisia.   
You can't polish a turd
Parent - By johnnycanuck Date 2003-08-20 15:24
Sorry you had a shite time in Portugal Andy. I had a great time. Knowing that Portugal isn't up to snuff with the rest of the union, I had a good idea of what to expect. The only disappoinment was the food. Fresh seafood routinely swimming in too much oil. The hotels we stayed at were all excellent. In Albufeira we stayed midway up the hillside, on the west part of town, with an amazing view and a delightful room with a small terrace. We rented a car for the two weeks, drove all over the place, from Penische to the Algarve and back. I found the pork chops very friendly with us generally, and when they found we are Canadian, they seemed to warm more. Seems everyone has a relative in Canada.  :-)  We're in no hurry to return (too many other places to see) but I'd recommend it, with the right research.
Parent By andyh Date 2003-08-20 15:40
sounds like you went to a very different country to me...are you sure it was the portugal, you know, that's kinda attached to spain? :-)
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Parent - By ShavedBeaver Date 2003-08-19 21:44
hey at least the bucher is not baer chested, or the person cutting your cheese... ok that was too funny and didnt sound right.
Parent By andyh Date 2003-08-20 08:51
...It did actually :-)
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Parent - By raptor Date 2003-08-20 08:55
hey....where are the babes?
Parent By andyh Date 2003-08-20 08:57
Listen man....you're getting married...let it go, let it go :-)
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Parent - By Alan from NYC Date 2003-08-20 14:02
Of course, you are quite right.  If women walked around topless, the odds are we men would be fairly disgusted at seeing most of them.  However, here in NYC, there are quite a few pretty ladies, so I'd be happy to make the sacrifice of putting up with seeing the unattractive majority.

And what about those islands in the Pacific where virtually everyone goes about topless?

Most people check the time.  I look at my watch.  :-)
Parent By johnnycanuck Date 2003-08-20 14:11
It's actually legal for women to go topless in Ontario. Not than many do, and only then on the beach. There was a landmark legal case where a female on a stinking hot day decided to go sans top, was arrested for indecent exposure. She argued it's unconstitutional for men to be allowed to go topless and not women and there's no equality in the law. The judge decreed women can go topless! Try to find one, though, aside from the butch, overweight, crew-cut wearing dikes in the Pride parade.  :-)
Parent - By andyh Date 2003-08-20 14:25
Thats a mighty good lookin watch you have there Alan....and nice touch picturing the amazonian shy natural beauty of the women next to it. Our true great loves...watches and women pictured together...A veritable "wanking collage" if ever I saw one! :-)
You can't polish a turd
Parent By ShavedBeaver Date 2003-08-20 18:41
shes a bit plump for my taste... i like my women skiny with a nice bodega -> spanish for closet.
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