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    Citroën Cactus - because as soon as you buy one, you'll feel a bit of a prick!

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    I've always thought these are quite funky looking cars, especially in the right colours to contrast the "Airbump" cladding on the sides.

    I had one of these as a rental trip to Switzerland last month - apart from a shockingly unresponsive auto gearbox, the car made for an otherwise comfortable and smooth family transport covering several hundred miles on our trip.
    Click image for larger version

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      Oh dear! Did you happen to bump your head whilst over there, or are you just going soft in your old age!?


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        I agree with Harb on this one. The Cactus is a distinctive car in a sea of sameness........and the body bumpers are jolly useful in towns where there are low-velocity bumps quite often.

        I had a sit in one when I was putting my existing Citroen in for its MOT and if it had failed, I was considering the Cactus as a replacement. Unfortunately, it passed.


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          Hoookayyyy! Clearly, they're putting the padded cell on the outside of the driver's car these days!