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  • Dining room

    Finally, I got around to having a bit of a sort out. I think it's looking all the better for it!
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    Were bins involved in the sorting?
    PS: Mine are far worse...


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      No, no bins required! Just some creative rearrangement. As it is, some of the materials in there are due to be used this week, as I'm meant to be tiling one of the bathroom floors. To help make it a better result, I have bought some cement backer boards to put down, along with flexible tile adhesive and grout. This morning I ripped up the pathetic layer of plywood that the builders had put down in preperation for tiling, as it was completely inadequate. I have also removed the toilet, so as to tile under it.


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        If that's what your dining room looks like then what does your garage and shed look like????
        My wife would have a fit lol


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          Currently, we have two sheds, after I demolished the old wooden one. One shed is used for storing my wife's camping equipment and the other for some of my garden machinery. As for the garage, erm.... well, it is possible, just, to get inside, but it is a bit of a squeeze! I really do need to build myself a decent sized workshop. Maybe next summer!

          p.s. My wife isn't exactly over-joyed at the state of what should be the dining room. Still, as per the penguins, I just smile and wave, smile and wave!