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  • $30000 investment advice

    As some of you may know Wyeth Pharmaceuticals was recently taken over by Pfizer. Because of this all of my stock options and restricted stock options were cashed out leaving me with a nice check for a little over $30000.

    Rather than doing something foolish like buying several new watches (a nice Paul Newman Daytona was on my mind or a used 911) I'd like to invest in something. The "something" is my concern. I'm interested in something liquid but will appreciate in value. Ultimately I'd like to divest this investment in about 8 to 10 years to help with my kids college education fund. I've thought of a lot of things but can't seem to decide. Putting it in the bank isn't going to do me any good. I've thought about investing in my children's 529 but that isn't really liquid. I've thought about gold, maybe a good deal on a bargain priced watch or car , property, art, business investment. Can't decide. Any ideas?



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    While I'm not sure what your risk profile is, you can certainly buy a decent corporate bond going out 8-10 years that no doubt will have a coupon or yield to maturity in the 6-8% range. The bonds would be fairly liquid if you decided to sell before the due date, but will obviously not potentially appreciate like equites.

    Personally, I never invested in 529s for my children because, hey, the stock market goes down, too! Whoda thunk?

    Good luck with whatever you choose.


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      While the whole world has stalled and prices/sellers are keen, vintage Rolexes may be a good buy since, in normal times, they only seem to be going one way - which is up.


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        Another few years and my 2002 16613 will be vintage. I wonder what kind of coin I'll get?


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            A conservative mutual fund should double it in that time frame. You can also consider a nice collectible Patek at the current depressed pricing levels which may double sooner than that.


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              Arvin Meritor (ARM) (buy now at less than 8 sell in a month at 10 (ish))

              Rio Tinto (RIO) (LSE) If you think china is going to suck the word dry of metals any time soon.

              Dignity (DTY) (LSE) Slow boring but this is one service they can't outsource to taiwan

              Me ? I'd blow it on a Rolex.
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                Gold! "It's never been worth zero."



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                  Originally posted by Snooty View Post
                  Gold! "It's never been worth zero."

                  Just for fun - in exactly one month (market close on 6th December) we'll come back and look at the gold price and work out how much we'd have earned if today we'd invested 30k in gold.

                  And compare that to 10k's worth of each of my 3 picks. (ARM, RIO and DTY 10k each total 30k)

                  Just for fun of course - I'm no trader so don't bet your shirt on anything I say.


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                    Whatever you wind up doing, Corey, diversify the investments. And if you go into mutual funds be sure to dollar cost average. Good luck.


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                      Buy a Patek 5711-1A, unworn, original shrinkwrap, at around 20 grand and stuff the last ten in a fund.

                      I gurantee you that the watch will be worth more in 5 years.