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  • Number plate of the day

    I always forget cars, but for some reason notice number plates.

    Todays standout plate was :-

    I AMB

    I thought was a good one.
    anyone else suffer the same affliction??

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    There is a guy lives near me drives a big Merc with plate no. ?? WIS, the ?? represents a two digit number that I can't remember, keep meaning to get a photo of it!


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      I thought with the new 15 plates coming out it would cause a real stir in the world of number plates. How about MR 15 GAY MR 15 TOP MR 15 ACE MR 15 NOT


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        I always remember reading at college about the number plate B16 T1TS being up for sale in a magazine I read. True story.

        P.S. Oh yeh the magazine was called Viz 😜


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          Lol, I always liked the number plate


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            I recall a few years ago coming up behind a car on the M62 the reg no. was M15 PVC, she pulled over and had a look at the driver as I went past, it was a big peroxide blonde dressed in what looked like black PVC !!


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              Today I saw 0008WEB

              I'm considering getting a personalised plate as I've seen one that's quite apt - no it doesn't have CALL 999!


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                I think personalised plates enhance the look of a car, particularly if they are dateless or have fewer digits so, yes, an interesting plate always catches my eye.

                The memorable plates I've seen:

                M5 BMW - that a family friend has had on every version every version of the BMW M5 since they were first produced! BMW keep offering him lots of money for the plate, but he doesn't need the cash and is not selling!

                W15 DAD - seen a few times near work.

                W1TCH that used to be on a black 911 and latterly was on a black Discovery, driven by a fairly stunning brunette.

                11NRX (spaced as 1 IN RX) on a Lexus RX.

                LEXIS - seen on various iterations of the top of the range Lexus LS since it was released, owned by a local businessman.

                5YED (Syed) on a Mercedes S-class belonging to a someone in my neighbourhood. And LATIF owned by the Latif family who used to run a large cash and carry business in Glasgow.

                MAR10 (Mario) in London in the 80s on an S-Class, and then again in Glasgow a few years ago (but can't remember what it was on!)

                DAV10 (David) on a 911 Turbo a few years ago.

                B4RRY - which used to be on the BMW X5M owned by one of the dads at school.

                11OYD (Lloyd) on an Aston Martin a couple of years ago.

                Good thread, Carl - we should keep adding to it as/when we spot a decent looking plate!


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                  In fact, here's an interesting article about the most expensive car reg sold in the UK -

                  25 O on a Ferrari

                  Interestingly, that link also shows a previous highest cost plate: K1NGS - that also belongs to one of the dads at school (surname King), except we usually see him in his Range Rover registered 101 ONE - he owns the 101 chain of off-licenses. I think he also owns 1 ONE.

                  Speaking of King's plates, I once saw 1011OI on a black Bentley which, I believe, belonged to a footballer in Manchester - it looked really cool, like binary IOIIOI
                  I really should have left note on the screen and then contacted King and acted as a middle-man as I'm sure he would have shelled out for it - spacing it 101 10I would have been just the thing for his 101 businesses! But I didn't...


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                    I must admit I am not really into personalised number plates but they seem to amuse my son, on his V6 Clio he has V6 YEP and an equally pertinent one on his porker which escapes me at the moment.


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                      My plate isn't really that personal it's SMX ?? And my initials are SM, but as its only 5 digits it really sticks out and I get the occasional 'nice plate' comment.

                      Wasn't that expensive really and plates have gone up quite a bit since then :-)


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                        I think I was quite lucky to get this on the car...


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                          This came on the car, I don't know if the original owner was trying to make a point! EASY!


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                            It might be worth noting that it is NOT a good idea to post full reg. no's as its very easy for a drug crazed phsyco to obtain your full home address and attempt to remove your watches that have been posted on here. I am well aware that we all have safes, security boxes and rabid dogs and that most of the watches are fake but would a phsyco know this!! Be safe pardners!


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                              Some of them are cute... presuming folks are able to easily decipher them. Not my cuppa, especially for big bucks. Gotham City (AWOL) knew the guy who had the "A$$MAN" plate.