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    Looking in to going to a Disney World resort for a week. Anyone been? Any advice on which resort is best for children. I hear a lot of good things about the Beach Club and Polynesian.

    Thanks for any input.


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    I have been to Disney every year for the last 10 yrs (sad maybe but its the best place in the world as far as im concerned). I also have good friends there too who i spend time with each year.

    I personally never stay in Disney, the hotels are way more expensive than some excellent ones right on the doorstep.

    The one I always stay at is Marriott Village in Lake Buena Vista.
    It is a big complex with 3 hotels inside one gated community, and just 5 minutes from downtown Disney by Taxi/car.

    The 3 are Fairfield, Springhill Suites, and Courtyard. Fairfield being slightly more budget oriented, Springhill Suites ideal for kids where and all rooms have sofa areas, and little mini kitchens.. And Courtyard is a bit more for business customers. The rooms at all 3 are lovely I might add, without being too plush.

    They have shuttle services to all the Disney Parks and they go and come back at all times of the day and evening.

    It is also close to loads of eating places, and the resort has about 5 swimming pools and restaurants etc....

    If you insist on staying at Disney, then I think the Beach Club looks nice,and Port Orleans French Quarters gets a good review too. Ive also been to Grand Floridian which is beautiful...but i just feel theyre a lot of money for what they offer, and if going with kids, they get all the fun AT Disney anyway...

    Any other advice give me a shout, im a Florida expert



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      Might I just ask - how cutesy is Disney Land / World / Etc..? My wife keeps on about going to Euro Disney but I suspect it would be my idea of hell - enforced happiness and the such! So, what is it like for a 'grown-up'? (well, in age, at least! )


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        You would have the time of your life!!! I'm an adult (lol) and I go every year and love it.

        There is plenty for all ages...especially'd believe me when you got there!

        One tip...avoid disneyland paris like the plague, florida disneyworld is the only one!
        4 parks, water parks, shopping, bars, 30 odd hotels....

        Paris is a mega disappointment and muchhhh more expensive for a shorter holiday.
        I know as I went to paris disney last year to save money and ended up costing me more.

        Trust me book florida and you'll never look back!

        Nairn , florida tourist board haha


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          So, what is there for adults that hate rides? I don't enjoy fair-ground rides, at all!


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            Its not a fairground anyway. Its over 20 square miles divided into different parks.

            Magic kingdom has all kids favs but also space mountain, thunder mountain, splash mountain, and all sorts of other things like Haunted Mansion and shows etc.

            Animal kingdom is a huge park where you can go on safari and see animals in their natural environments plus 3D shows, rides, petting zoos etc..this is a brill park for adults too.

            Epcot is about the world and the future. You walk around a "world" with every country represented. E.g you walk into france and there's french shops, french musicians playing, french restaurants all with real french staff. You learn about every country.
            It also has loads of interesting rides and attractions, simulators and Soarin which is IMO the most amazing simulator ride ever..where you go hand-gliding.
            This is also an amazing park for adults.

            MGM or Hollywood Studios as its called now is all about the movies..shows, rides, simulators, stunt spectaculars, amazing stores..again a fantastic park.

            There are also waterparks Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon...both more amazing than you could imagine.

            You can easily spend 7 days at disney and that's without seeing anything else that florida has to offer
            E.g kennedy space centre , universal studios, islands of adventure, sea world, aquatica, busch gardens, gatorland.....

            Hope that gives you some idea....



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              Thanks for that - certainly sounds interesting, especially Epcot. What are the crowds like?


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                We went to Florida about 5 years ago but we split our holiday in 2
                1st week - Parks
                2nd week - Gulf coast

                1st week - sea world was great\ the rest was absolute sh*t. Feckin magic kingdom & the rest. Any grown man that works all year for 2 weeks at the parks\comes back saying they had a great time ...... well !! Luckily managed to go on some swamp tour in 1st week which broke up the week (bald eagles, gators, etc)

                2nd week - brill. We went to one park only - Busch Gardens which was best of the lot. Rest of time - travelling about\ sight seeings\ boat trips, relaxing, etc

                My daughter was 5 at time/ we went in May just before schools stopped - it was busy but OK. Heard when schools stop its a lot, lot busier

                My recomendation would be to base yourself down in the gulf coast & maybe travel up & do 2/ 3 parks with maybe an overnighter. Just remember its you who works hard all year - not your kids so make sure its the right type of holiday for you as its not cheap.


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                  Differences in opinions here obviously...i think Orlando and Disney is a great holiday for grown ups too...thats why its one of the most popular places to get married!

                  I'd be surprised if you didnt love it....but there is SO much to do that you could go back every year and still not have seen everything.

                  Im the opposite to colpol, i found Busch gardens more of a disappointment, and I find Disney far far thing to do is plan your trip and go and see for yourself.

                  As for crowds, depends when you go! I tend to go either May or October-December. Weather still nice by British Standards, and crowds are much less.
                  Peak e.g June-August, temperatures can hit 100 and lots of crowds.

                  Statistically the Disney Parks are full to Capacity on Christmas DAY by 10am....that shows you how much some people love them!

                  There is fast past now, so you can get specific times to visit the main attractions, and you get to go to the front of the queue, so its pretty good!

                  Hope this helps, and im sure you'l have a brill holiday



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                    Originally posted by colpol View Post
                    Just remember its you who works hard all year - not your kids so make sure its the right type of holiday for you as its not cheap.
                    LOL! Good point, col!


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                      you might want to look into renting a timeshare unit not in use for the time you are there. we own 2 weeks at a resort across the street from the entrance to disney world . we use 1 week for use in orlando and the other week we use for trade to other resorts . there is a ton of them everywhere im sure you can find one cheeper than getting a hotel . ours are like condos 2 bedroom 2 bath full kithen with living room dining room the sofas pull out to beds , in unit laudnry. facility has three pools tennis gameroom gmy theater daily activities for kids bars resteraunt on and on and on there full resorts. best move we ever made ,save a ton of cash just on meals alone try they show whats for sale and whats for rent im sure if you goggle timeshares for rent in orlando it will take you days to go threw them all. good luck and enjoy


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                        If you're taking kids, prepare them for some PDA's. NTTAWWT!!

                        PS: Colpol, Does Busch Gardens still offer free beer? ;~)


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                          PDAs? Personal Digital Assistants?


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                            Last time i went to Busch Gardens you could walk around with free Beer, and in 90 degree + heat you feel the effects!!!

                            They are VERY hot on ID though!
                            im nearly 30 and always get harrassed for ID..anywhere in the USA


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                              Originally posted by ChrisEdu View Post
                              PDAs? Personal Digital Assistants?
                              Yes, in a manner of speaking...
                              S ;~)