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  • Which films have you been watching?

    Just finished watching Good Kill, starring Ethan Hawke. The film was about a pilot who has gone from flying planes to drones. During the film, he begins questioning the legitimacy and ethics of what he is being asked to do.

    I watched with my boys and, despite lacking the usual 'action' it kept them engrossed and asking questions. I'd certainly say it's worth a watch.

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    Spooks - The Greater Good

    Watched this yesterday, with the family. Upfront, I'd admit to being a fan of the original TV series, having watched it from its early days.

    The basic plot is that a terrorist escapes and there are questions as to how and whether there might be a rogue element in the service.

    Sadly, most of the familiar characters are missing, though Harry is still top dog.

    The film has its moments and twists and turns, ultimately ending in a fairly predictable way. To me, it all seemed a bit formulaic and the ultimate identity of the real baddy was rather obvious. One nice nod to the original series was the fade to a negative image for the last frame.



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      Good Kill sounds interesting, Chris - thanks for the recommendation.

      Over the last few months I've been watching series of films with the family. In no particular order...

      Star Wars - episodes I to VI and then VII at the cinema (See this Thread for details of the harb-modified Ernst Rister viewing order...)
      The Marvel Cinematic Universe - see this Thread for details of the 12 (!) films (watched in the order shown) in the two Phases.
      Superman I, II, III and Superman Returns - very accessible for younger kids (my boys are 10 and 7); more so than the rather bombastic Man of Steel (which I recently watched again)
      Kung Fu Panda I & II, and then III in the cinema recently - great fun!
      Jurassic Park - and will be working our way through the series over the next week or so.

      Films I still need the boys to see:
      Back to the Future series
      Terminator series
      Matrix series (probably not for a few years yet)

      My wife and I recently saw:
      Batman v Superman - enjoyable.
      Deadpool - great fun (and my 10 year old keeps asking when he can see it?!)

      I'm sure there are others...


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        Saw the new version of The Jungle Book last week - very enjoyable.
        And going to see Captain America: Civil War when it opens on Friday 29th (which reminds me, I have to book it!)


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          Saw The Force Awakens the other day, and have reached it since, which is unusual for me; that's how much I actually enjoyed it!

          Yes, it's basically Star Wars episode IV rebooted, but JJ had done it a power of good.

          I think I'd probably give it 8/10, maybe 8.5


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            Just finished watching The Hooligan Factory. Essentially, it's a spoof hooligan film, with lots of swearing and a fair bit of violence. I didn't really know what to expect of it, but was very pleasantly surprised. The humour was there in many ways, to the point that I needed my Ventolin because I became wheezy laughing so much at points in the film.

            Yes, it won't be for everyone, but if really stupid humour, swearing, violence and blood don't put you off, give it a go, you might well enjoy it. Oh, it's rated cert 15, but, personally, I wouldn't let my 15 year old watch it, such is the language.

            For what it is, I'd give it a strong 8/10.


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              My wife has recently re-discovered the DVD collection at the local library and has been coming home frequently with things we've missed (we don't get to theaters much, and the home system is good enough I'm not sure it's worth it if we did have the time). Within the last month have seen, in no particular order:

              The Martian (so well acted and actually conceivable--nice contrast to most sci-fi)
              Neighbors (sophomoric raunch I used to find hilarious but think I'm growing out of; also just can't bring myself to like anything with Seth Rogen in it)
              Bridge of Spies (Interesting historically as well as worth appreciating how the subtlety of Mark Rylance's performance was Oscar-worthy)
              Trumbo (saw this right before the above, which was a fascinating two-fer in 50's communist fear-mongering. Also raised uncomfortable parallels with US politics 2016)
              The Artist (I know it won a best picture Oscar and I always wondered how that was possible for a silent film. Still wondering.)
              Room (uncomfortable, claustrophobic, superbly acted character study)
              The Big Short (I love financial-industry films for some reason, and this was exceptional although frightening that such a thing could actually be allowed to happen with little consequence for the perpetrators)
              Star Wars--Force Awakens (for several reasons, not the least of which being that the wife hates sci-fi, never got to the theater for this one--which may have been the only one on the above list worth actually going for. Bought the Blu-Ray the day it came out and watched it on a day off [must watch again when it's dark out]; quite well done, and interestingly close in so many respects to the story in the original. Must make an event of it next opportunity.

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                I have quite a big pile of films still to watch for the first time in my stack. I think my DVD / BD collection must be circa 400 films now. I want to add The Martian, Bridge of Spies and The Long Short.


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                  I read The Martian a couple of years ago (and saw the film when it came out) - as is often the case, reading the book beforehand increased my enjoyment of the film. The book was able to expand the generally irreverent personality of the main character, and allowed the reader to really feel his highs - with laugh out loud moments - and some heart-sinking lows. Well worth reading.

                  Saw "Captain America: Civil War" at the cinema last night en famille. As I mentioned above, we're watched all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films so far. This was really very good - quite serious due to the nature of the subject, ie discord within The Avengers, but with humour too. 8/10

                  "Predestination" - saw this on TV a few weeks ago. It's based on a very famous sci-fi book and if I say any more about the book it'll give the story away, so I won't! It's mind-bendingly good and I should probably watch it again.


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                    Predestination is indeed very good. It was a film that I first watched whilst on the rowing machine, but even then, despite the lack of total concentration, I thought it was very good and one to share with my family. We subsequently watched it together and they were really engrossed by it.


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                      I can recommend Eye in the Sky. It is based on a drone operation. Gives s good overview (no pun intended) of the political / military decision-making interface.

                      Ties in slightly with the Good Kill mentioned earlier.


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                        Finally watched Prometheus the other day, along with my 12yr old. We both enjoyed it and didn't think it was particularly scary. Enjoyed seeing at least some of the background to Alien, which from memory was probably scarier.


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                          The hateful eight and fury, both well worth a watch.


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                            Originally posted by ChrisEdu View Post
                            Finally watched Prometheus the other day, along with my 12yr old. We both enjoyed it and didn't think it was particularly scary. Enjoyed seeing at least some of the background to Alien, which from memory was probably scarier.
                            Have you checked out the 'Honest trailer' review on YouTube?


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                              Originally posted by pandadan View Post

                              Have you checked out the 'Honest trailer' review on YouTube?