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  • Originally posted by harb View Post

    I Googled this film but couldn't find it.
    Found something with a similar name, and then checked IMDb to see if the film may have been released under a different name in different countries:
    Now, I'll admit that I'm not great at reading Turkish or Portuguese or Croatian, but I suspect that Fantastik, Fantástico and Fantastični might not translate as "Marvellous"...
    Err..... Opps!

    Did I say Marvelous? Nah! Fantastic, innit, bruv!?

    Either way, it's a good film.


    • Darkest Hours

      Great film! If Gary Oldman doesn't get the Oscar. it'll be a transvestite of justice!

      Especially moving as it covers the period of the Dunkirk operation when my uncle died on the way back to the beaches.


      • Source Code

        An airforce officer is sent back in time to thwart the bombing of a train and the subsequent actions.

        However, he only gets 8 minutes each time he goes back to the same point in time.

        As the mission goes on, he starts asking some bigger questions about what is happening, including what would you do if you knew that you only have 1 minute to live?

        The film starts a bit slowly, but rapidly gains momentum and will soon have the audience questioning what is happening.



        • John Wick volume 2

          Or, maybe a better title would be, "Hey! Keanau, you tired of killing people yet!?"

          He racks up an impressive 128 kills during the film, aided by various mysterious suppliers working for a secret organisation.

          The films finds Wick called upon to honour a debt, but life is never quite so simple and so what ensues is a hail of bullets with very little plot, a Matrix like flashback, and audience likely to care more about his pet dog than any other character in the film!

          5.5/10 - It all gets just a bit silly!


          • Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri.

            Not the catchiest of titles but a really engrossing film which cleverly and unexpectedly reveals a depth to its characters and leads you to a conclusion you will not be able to predict.

            Clever, beautifully played, not one bad thing to say about it, 9/10.