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  • Logan Lucky.

    A fun, clever hillbilly heist film with the current James Bond playing a redneck bank robber. Good plotting, some very OTT acting but genuinely funny in many places. Fairly star-studded cast. Worth a go.



    • Ended up missing Atomic Blonde, It, and Mother!, all of which I wanted to see at the cinema.

      Planning to see Blade Runner 2049 this Friday, though.
      Will watch the original on TV tomorrow night. I watched the Final Cut version of this a few weeks ago, but the original cinema release version (with the voice-over and "happy ending") may be more accessible as a story since my wife hasn't seen it.

      Watched "The Secret of My Success" last weekend. I'd been meaning to watch if for ages, having seen it on TV in the late-80s, and was spurred on to rent it on Amazon as Back to The Future was on TV - now this is an all-time classic, and even though I've seen it countless times I could have still watched it again. However, it triggered the decision to watch The Secret of My Success. Still a very enjoyable film!

      Over the last few days, we've also watched the first two "Hunger Games" films with my sons. Good fun! Still have the final two films to watch.


      • Saw Blade Runner 2049 in an otherwise empty cinema yesterday afternoon; the original is my favourite movie of all time, so my excitement was mixed with nervousness.

        I needn't have worried... what an outstanding piece of work. Beautifully shot and with another gorgeous soundtrack, I thought it was completely faithful, and respectful, to the original whilst still being compelling in an almost hypnotic way.

        Highly recommended!!!


        • Lincoln - might be a bit old now, but only just got round to watching it. Very good and interesting historically.


          • Originally posted by learningtofly View Post

            I agree entirely with your thoughts, Tony.
            Sim and I watched it a few nights ago in 3D in a full-size IMAX theatre, which was an amazing experience. The visuals were utterly immersive and the sound system in the hall enveloped us aurally. Just brilliant!
            The theatre was almost full and the concentration of the other people watching it was almost palpable. I've never felt anything quite like it.
            Highly recommended, indeed.

            At home, over the last couple of days, we finished off watching the last two films in The Hunger Games series. My boys had started out watching them with us but our 11 year old didn't watch 3 and 4 as he'd read the books, and our 9 year old son found 3 too political (he preferred 1 and 2, set in the Games arenas) and didn't bother watching 4. Nevertheless, I found them enjoyable and worth seeing.


            • 50 Shades Darker

              Didn't think it was as good as the first film, but it does set-up the final film well.