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  • Kicking the habit...

    I have decided, in my advanced middle age, to stop taking Ambien. I had trouble sleeping, and still do, but I have been taking this for at least 5 years and now that's enough. The stinking Dr said I could take it forever but of course it doesn't have the punch it once did so I cut cold turkey a couple of nights ago.

    ​Some tossing and turning, but no withdrawal effects other than that, which I expected and had anyway. I know how Harb feels about these drugs, and that aided my decision. Anyway, it was the right thing to do. Next project is to loose some weight which is a lot harder. There's this really good Chinese restaurant......

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    You could try hypnosis apps for sleeping. They work well for some people.


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      I have found my sleep is better since getting a spelt pillow. I find it far more comfortable than the standard kind of pillows.


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        Originally posted by Rodentman View Post
        The stinking Dr said I could take it forever......
        Hmm...I thought doctors had stopped saying that about sleeping tabs back in the 90s.
        Well done, though, in getting off it!