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  • Workshop...

    I have my workshop in my basement. Drain tile system went south last summer and we had some water down there. Didn't lose anything though.

    ​After much pain and suffering, and $ that would have bought a nice watch, it has been restored:

    ​Some of you may figure out what I do in the basement, if not, I probably should not get into it. It's where the non-watch money goes I have a lot of fun with it. The new sump pump has a battery backup and it's much more secure and dryer there. It was worth the ordeal to have it fixed. I really had no choice. The old drain tile system lasted 24 years. This one is guaranteed forever and the warranty is transferable.

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    That's really cool. Probably as big as the first apartment I bought in Japan.


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      You've hidden the porn stash well!


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        Yes I recognise a lot of the reloading gear. I used to do that but once I got a dealer's licence, it is too simple just to get ammo at trade prices! Plus a mate of mine did some reloading for his S+W M19 and catastrophically reduced it to pieces after not reading the manual closely enough. Luckily the blast and bits of revolver went mainly up, not back.


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          I get terribly confused when a watch movement is referred to as a "caliber."


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            It must be a a munitions thing, my neighbour has his garage very similarly well organised and is a munitions and explosives expert . One day I shall be as organised as you both!