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    In my 13th year of assorted TURFery, this is my 4,000th post. Quite a low daily average (0.86ish according to TURF stats). I have slowed down on input, mainly because i have been living and working away from home for some time, and I have certainly reduced the buying and selling and pretty much restricted it to buying and keeping. Much simpler!

    I have definitely confirmed to myself that I am an eclectic collector with over 120 watches currently on the spreadsheet, with another 135 being bought and subsequently sold since 2005 (generally with the purpose of helping finance the watches I bought to keep). In that respect, I liken myself to an amnesiac bulimic. I keep eating a lot but forget to vomit.........

    In the last few years, Rolex has added relatively little new stuff that I would want to collect/keep for ever. Rolex used to be the mainstay of my interest but I have broadened out my horological interest and am definitely guilty of being supportive of other watch manufacturers. I know some tend to look like Rolexes (the classic dive/sports/GMT watch), but I am more than happy to purchase other designs - and while some may be a little bit off the wall design-wise, that is fine with me. I am now more than happy to experiment with innovative looks and manufacturers/movements. New funding mechanisms such as Kickstarter have allowed new micro-brands to offer some wacky and sometimes weird watches.

    Yes, the majority of my purchases are BNIB watches, but If I am being honest, I still prefer vintage over modern - as a general rule.

    In the last 4 years I have had no real regrets on watches I have let go that I immediately wanted back (mainly, it has to be admitted, because I tend to sell very little).

    But my continued membership of this august body is due to the people. The virtual banter, interspersed with the real-life meet ups (wish there were more of the latter........) are what keeps this forum alive and fun.

    Do forgive this bit of self-indulgent navel-gazing but here's to a continued vital TURF where we can come along at our convenience and say pretty much what we want when we want. And only be moderated/censored occasionally.

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    All that gazing at your navel and we still don't know - inny or outty?


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      Apologies, guilt or forgiveness are not required, Michael.

      You have been a true stalwart of Turf through its various incarnations and I, for one, am grateful to you for your support of the forum.
      Your knowledge of vintage Rolexes and watches in general is valuable for member old and new.

      I'm also glad to be able to call you a friend


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        Patient confidentiality.


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          Did you find any fluff?


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            Not fluffy, but fluff-free.