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Son's GF in accident...

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  • Son's GF in accident...

    Got a call at 7 am yesterday that my son's GF was rear ended by a drunk driver at 5:45 on her way to work. Perp blew a .2 which is a gross misdemeanor here. Other charges pending. She tried to walk away from the scene, had no DL and no insurance. Not sure who owned the car as the plate came back as registered to the dealer. I thought you had to have DL and insurance to buy a car. I always was asked for that info even when paying cash for the car.

    Car is likely totaled. Air bag did not deploy but the seat disengaged from its track thrusting the GF upon the steering wheel. Cushioned by her more than ample chest she was not hurt. Fortunately their son, The Baby Alan, was not in the car.

    We plan to go en masse to the court hearing chanting "Lock her up..."

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    Where there's blame, there's a claim! Lucky she was alright.

    My brother was rear-ended by an ambulance not so long ago!


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      Having lost a leg to a careless driver I take a rather dim view of distracted and impaired driving. So many times we hear "the perp had an extensive criminal record." How do you get that. Aren't criminals supposed to be in prison? I think the laws are often not enforced as they should be.


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        Luckily she wasn't too injured.

        Hopefully he'll get his. But if he's got no job,insurance or money it might be hard.


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          I'm sorry to hear about that Rodentman. I'm always amazed at how flippant the law is concerning being legally able to drive and people's attitude is to driving.
          I hope things go your way.


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            The perp was a member of the female species of woman. We don't intend to sue since the injuries were very minor and suing ties up the whole mess forever it seems. Anyway, the ins co isn't sure if they will have the car repaired or totaled. I am 99% sure I found the ID of the perp. Lives in a trailer park near the location of the accident. I await the court date with bad breath.


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              Glad to hear she wasn't hurt, Bob.