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    Recently picked up a Chrysler 300. I am very favorably impressed, except for the de rigueur complaint. The car's radio cannot play CDs! I can think of no satisfactory excuse for this. The universality of cell phone MP3s is an explanation, not an excuse. The CD format still reigns fidelity-wise, and likely always will. Unless humans evolve better hearing.

    Do you guys think that there could soon be a time that the unsophisticated will not be able to operate the newer cars? I personally feel that we have just about reached that point. A couple of years ago folks started returning to their dealer, and having their car's Bluetooth features disabled.

    Or, is it simply a personal problem? 😳

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    All cars should jam smell phone signals. "Infotainment Center" is an absolute crock. Distracted driving kills and maims thousands of people a year. I know, I lost a leg to one of them and I firmly believe that anyone caught using a stinking "device" in a car should have their license revoked permanently. And yes, CD players should be provided.


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      It''s amazing, that in our litigious society, people who use some of these devices fail to comprehend their legal exposure. In the aftermath of a collision, police can easily determine if a driver was texting, etc., at the time. The same exposure blinders are worn by those harbouring dangerous dogs.


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        Congrats on the new ride, Tom. Hope you enjoy many safe miles! Any pics?

        As for the CD issue, personally, I think a single CD player in a car is a hazard - trying to get a disc out of its case and change when driving is a lot harder than with a tape, for example. A multi-changer is a better idea.
        As for the fidelity of the sound vs MP3, however, I'd say that this is of little practical significance in the massively compromised listening arena that is a car interior.
        Streaming from your phone, or via the car's in-built internet service, is the most efficient and superior method to date.

        My bugbear, though, are touchscreens in cars - there is a balance between screens and physical buttons, and some manufacturers have gone the wrong way in shifting functions to a touchscreen which, no matter how intuitive, still requires more eyes-off-the-road time than physical buttons.

        And as for people who handhold a phone to speak or, even worse, text, whilst driving, the criminal justice system must increase the penalties to make this as life-changing (for the offender) as a drink-driving conviction is.