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    You back home yet Chris?


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      Just got back. The doctors didn't seem to be able to agree with each other - surprise!

      One was concerned about the possibility of a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage as the cause of the severe pain, and trust me, severe is not an exaggeration, I was screaming out in agony and in tears for literally over 40 minutes.

      The second doctor decided that it was just an unresolved migraine.

      A further kick in nadgers came when they were saying part of the decision to send me home was based on not asking for analgesics stronger than paracetamol. However, I spent a large proportion of the time asleep and I'd been given morphine, codeine, paracetamol, ibuprofen, anti-sickness drugs, etc... I also asked several times for further pain relief, but nothing ever happened!

      It was bad enough that I didn't get my regular morning medication, including my psychoactive drugs, until the evening, as the pharmacy failed to dispense the drugs, and the hospital wouldn't let me take my own supply, as they were in organiser boxes, so they were unable to ascertain the best before dates.

      So, yes, I'm back home and feeling really quite unwell. I'm also somewhat anxious, as lately the migraines have followed an alternate day pattern, which means I'm due another migraine tomorrow.


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        Sounds a real ordeal. Hope it passes.


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          Well, it's certainly not much fun. I'd rather be getting the gym finished, or going to the local garage to have a look at the Bentley they have for sale.


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            Had another trip into London today; to see the professor at the migraine centre.

            He is now diagnosing me as suffering from chronic migraine, not caused by rebound from taking pain-killers.

            To treat them, he has proposed the botox injections should be our first line of attack, as, due to all of my other medication, he is in no hurry to add yet more systemic drugs into the mix.

            So, now it's a waiting game whilst they try to get the CCG / NHS to agree to the funding.

            Hopefully, although I'd rather start sooner, treatment could start in January. My hope is, that with the anticipated relief from frequent migraine symptoms, my mental health might also improve.

            Here's hoping!


            • North
              North commented
              Editing a comment
              Botox trade name, generic name onabotulinumtoxin A has over 20 plus medical indications including treatment of migraine
              Having promoted this product for migraine sufferers in my previous career the results were beneficial for the majority of patients,even the frequency of treatment sometimes reduced due to its efficacy
              Hopefully this maybe successful for you and it’s recommended by NICE so you should receive funding without any barriers to treat
              Good luck and hope this gives you the relief you need

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            Hope it goes well Chris. Any excuse to have botox


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              You really don’t have any luck with your health. Hope you’re feeling better soon.


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                Cheers chaps. If nothing else, it'll maintain my youthful good looks! :F


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                  Hope it gets sorted Chris as it’s starting to be a headache.😀


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                    Sorry to hear of your on-going health issues, Chris.


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                      Thanks chaps.

                      Things have certainly been tough recently. I ended up in hospital Fri/Sat having broken down whilst at an asthma appointment and telling them that I wanted to end it.

                      Their response, well, you have a care plan and it says to phone this number, so off you go and phone.

                      I sat in the car in pieces, whilst phoning the number and telling them how I felt etc.....

                      Anyhow, in the end I drove home and hit the pills. When my family got home, I was out of it. I have very, very little memory of what then happened, suffice to say, I ended up in an ambulance and in hospital.

                      The next day, I was back home, having had minimal input at hospital, other than being left to sleep it off!

                      Today, I'm back to having a corker of a migraine!


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                        Glad to say that the migraine eventually passed, at about 6pm.

                        So far this week things haven't been too bad, apart from events yesterday.

                        I was all set to go out when I found my car's front nearside tyre was flat. In the rain, I eventually managed to fit the spare wheel. However, in the process of getting the spare out of the boot of the car, I found what resembled a pond in the bottom of the boot. I couldn't find where the water was coming from, and with the battery sitting in an inch of water, it was rather concerning.

                        Anyway, as I had an appointment to attend, I threw in some towels to soak up the water and got on with the day.

                        Then, having returned from the appointment, I went out to see the chickens, only to find one dead next to the hen house.

                        Despite all of the stress, I managed to stay calm and didn't get another migraine.

                        So, no more attempted overdoses thus far this week. I've even got my big tub of pills back.

                        I have also had confirmation of the plan to apply for individual funding to pay for Botox injections, hopefully starting in January.


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                          Pretty bad sounding day!


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                            Originally posted by bfltd0 View Post
                            Pretty bad sounding day!
                            I've had better!