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    I had been having some abdominal “cramping” for the last 10 days or so. Figuring it was just my period I didn’t worry too much. Then it flared up pretty bad Sunday night and felt like a diverticulitis attack which I have had in the past. I went to the Urgent Care who gave me the usual suspects, Cipro and Flagyl and told me I really should get it scanned if it didn’t improve by the next day.

    Monday afternoon I spent 6 hours in the ER for a 5 minute scan. The IV’s blood and urine tests, and interminable waiting was insufferable. If there’s a definition for covfefe this was it. The Dr gave me an IV of some stronger antibiotic. I didn’t get the name. I feel improved this morning. Dr gave me oxycodone which really helps with the pain, and has no side effects that bother me. Of course I didn’t crush it and snort it or mix it with Scotch and inject it.

    The waiting was the worst part. I don’t know how many times I heard “I’ll be right back” and an hour passed with me having the inestimable pleasure of listening to two women’s incessant chattering in the hallway. Sounded like third grade girls at the mall: “It was like totally awesome, and I was like totally……” over and over and over. I almost lost it and was sorely tempted to holler at them to STFU.

    All seriousness aside, the scan was negative for perforations or anything else requiring surgery, which was a relief. So no trips to the buffet for awhile and just keep taking the pills. I know that fluoroquinolones can cause tendon issues but since I am a BK amputee I have only a 50% chance of an achilles heel problem.

    Hopefully this will subside and I’ll feel better again soon.

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    I think you should have a colonoscopy, just for sh!ts and giggles!

    We need to start our own medical section and see if we can get a group discount on medical insurance.


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      I had a colonoscopy in 2011 but am in no hurry to get another one. Worst part of that was they Dr said he couldn't see the whole cologne and made me come back the next day for an air contrast barium enema. That procedure was much worse and it was yet another day without eating.

      Medical insurance is a hot topic as you know in the USA. If we formed our own group the rates would probably go way up.


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        I had an MRI of my lower bowel, that wasn't much fun either.


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          I'm glad to hear you're ok.

          When you or a family member get sick, not a cold or a flu, but something serious, it makes the whole "watches thing" kinda silly.


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            Yeah, went I went to the ER I took off my "good" watch and put on my Isobrite quartz. When I went to the Oigent Care originally I forgot my watch completely. Didn't seem to matter. I note that no one seemed to forget their stinking phone however.


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              Funnily enough, I made my wife bring me a different watch whilst in hospital. I changed from my Frederique Constant to my Glycine.

              My wife shoved my phone into my hands as the ambulance crew wheeled me out in a wheelchair, so I could phone her when I knew what was happening! How's that for support!? Oh no! Don't bother coming to comfort and support your husband, just shove the phone in his hands and tell him to phone. Nice.


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                I tell The Rodentwoman that if the gendarmes or hospital don't call, sooner or later I'll be home.


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                  Originally posted by Rodentman View Post
                  I tell The Rodentwoman that if the gendarmes or hospital don't call, sooner or later I'll be home.

                  Logical and sadly true!


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                    My alleged insurance company is processing the $4k bill from the hospital. I suspect the Dr, radiologist, and others will submit their own bills. There never is just one.

                    ​I met a guy at the pistol range yesterday who had had surgery for an aortic embolism, He was filleted from hither to yon and had no colon nor bladder. That is definitely not my bag.


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                      I'm no surgeon, but how does treatment for an aortic embolism leave you without a colon or bladder? Or was that just to pad the bill a bit?


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                        I don't know but that's what the guy told me. I told him it was not my bag and he agreed, so we left it at that. He's an extinguished member of the local gun club so I trust him.


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                          "Consult" with the gastroenterologist does not occur. He doesn't do that, just procedures, so I am having a colonoscopy this Friday. You know Bob Dylan wrote a song about that, "It aint Me Babe." Lyrics include "Golytely from my butt babe, leave at your own chosen speed." All seriousness aside, I posit this is the proper course of action. I had this done in 2011 and at age 67 they rectumend every 5 years. Guess it's interesting work. I really DO need to find out my condition and how to prevent and/or treat it. I hope I don't have to give up hot spicy food.


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                            So I hope it went well. Any news?


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                              I had yet another brain scan today. It was a lovely, relaxing experience - I almost fell asleep inside the scanner, it was so cosy and relaxing!

                              I think my current tally of scans is: CT brain scans = 3; MRI arthrogram shoulder = 1; MRI shoulder = 1; MRI intestine = 1; MRI brain scans = 5 (I think).

                              Not bad going, considering I'm not even 50 yet.