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Yikes - London, here I come!

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  • Yikes - London, here I come!

    Yep, you read it correctly, London, here I come!

    Having been hospitalised on Sunday due to an absolutely agonising migraine, I saw my GP today, who recommended that I contact the National Migraine Centre, based in London.

    So, that's exactly what I did. Upshot is, Friday, I coming to London. Yikes! I'm rather freaked out by the idea of having to negotiate the transport network of the big city, let alone the thought of all those people.

    I have to find my way to Walmer Road, W11 4ET - so any advice from the London posy on the best way to get there would be most appreciated. I'll be heading up from the south coast, probably via the A24, then possibly the M25.

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    Sounds a lot worse than my infrequent trips to downtown Minneapolis. What little I know of London came to me from the news during the recent bombings, and looking at Google Maps which gave me a....well I was going to say headache but that would be a bad joke. I DID get vertigo from seeing people driving on the wrong side of the road though.

    As a kid I spent a lot of time in NYC but I know my way around the subways and the grid was pretty easy to navigate. I hope you trip is successful.


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      London certainly gives me a headache, which is why I don't attend Turf GTGs there, well, that and the prospect of seeing Harb in a kilt!


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        PM sent!


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          Cheers, mate. Replied, thank you. However, after what I've heard about Hampstead Heath, no thanks, I'd rather not meet there!


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            Shame, you would have met many like-minded individuals...............


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              Originally posted by bfltd0 View Post
              Shame, you would have met many like-minded individuals...............
              Is there a Rolex AD out there, then?


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                Well, that was frickin awful! How the hell do Londoners not all die of heart attacks by 25!?

                The traffic was dire - why bother having cars? Seriously, what's the point? You just sit there fuming, getting more and more stressed and desperate to get out and punch somebody.

                The actual appointment with the National Migraine Centre was fantastic. Despite arriving 30 minutes latest, the dr was still willing to see me. He listened carefully and asked the kind of questions one might expect.

                His initial treatment plan was a little unorthodox though, he suggested that the best course of action might be to just take me outside and shoot me! He explained that I was one of the more complicated cases he'd had and that my migraines were tending to be of a more unusual / rarer form, just to make things that little bit more interesting.

                However, after ruling out euthanasia as a viable treatment, he gave me a plan for my initial treatment and arranged for us to meet again in 3 months. The journey had begun!

                On a more sombre note, afterwards we saw Grenfell Tower - truly awful. You can still smell acrid fumes in the air. Yet, what seemed amazing was how some of the flats looked untouched, despite neighbouring ones being destroyed.
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                  Sounds amazing Chris, did you take any pics of the traffic, we don't see that oop north, did you talk to any cockneys, do they really sound like they do on Eastenders? Hope the cure eases things.


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                    Trust me, I was shaking too much from stress to take any photos of traffic. It was like footage I've seen of driving in Rome or Calcutta! I'm sure that I'd be dead within 12 months if I had to live there. I'm so glad that I live in a more rural setting.

                    As for a cure, we're a long way off from that point just yet, but at least the journey has now begun with the best tour guide.


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                      Chris, I sincerely find the relief that you need and so deserve. I guess I am quite well insulated from that sort of traffic. I have seen videos of traffic in Indian cities, and chatted with some Indian co-workers about it. They seem resigned to it, but I note that they choose to live in the West.

                      ​During my last visit to my local clinic, I saw two young ladies allegedly attending the ex-ray facility but wiling away the time on their stinking phones probably texting each other. I asked for Dr Kevorkian's office and they told me he had moved to another clinic. They asked me his specialty and I told them to look it up on their phones.

                      ​Walking down the hall in said clinic and mumbling "It could be worse; it could be myasthenia gravis" is always good for a chuckle.

                      ​I stopped into the neurologist office and asked, "Do you think I'm neurotic, do you, well, yes or no, do you..."

                      ​Oh yeah, and the bill for my CT scan which took 4 minutes? $4,004


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                        That's where we're so lucky to have the NHS. I've had 3 CT scans, at least 6 MRI scans, and a colonoscopy. Along with having Humira injections each fortnight, and all the other med that I take, it would cost me a fortune where you are!


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                          Yes, we surely do have issues with health care. Quality is good, pricing is not. I'm not sure what the answer is. I tend to support the single payer system of universal health care but many people don't want to pay for other people's healthcare. Anyway, on 1 Sept I pick up Medicare Part B. It's complicated but better than the high deductible I have now.


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                            I won't even try to pretend to know anything about how healthcare works over there. All I do know is, if all our collective governments were to spend less on war and more on health, we might get somewhere in the fight against some of the conditions that affect us.


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                              I think there is a large segment of the populace here which LIKES war. I won't wax pathetic about politics though. I've been around since DDE and never seen anything like what we have today. Some people here think your former PM was Wilt Chamberlain so you see what we are dealing with.