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Slowest place in London!?

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  • Slowest place in London!?

    Pre-assessment at Guy's Hospital! Been sat here for hours waiting to be seen! They seem so short staffed that it's a farce!

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    Finally left Guy's Hospital after 4hr30. I certainly hadn't been expecting to have a pre-op assessment, but it looks like I'll be back in January for yet more surgery.

    Guess what's happening next Wednesday - yep, another hospital and another pre-op assessment!


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      I am sorry to hear of your travails. I usually get prompt medical care except for the ER, which I desperately try to avoid.


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        I tend to find arriving via ambulance speeds initial progress in A&E!


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          The NHS seems to get all the love yet almost all of our ire. My son waited 3 hours to get his dislocated shoulder seen too and wasn’t best pleased however with a daughter in nursing we have an insight as to how tough it is. Desperately in need of fixing before it’s too late


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            Unfortunately, it's like most (all) of our public sector organisations, under funded and over-stretched; I see it all the time in education.
            The issue at the hospital was down to a lack of staff for some reason, it sounded unforseen. Luckily, somebody was intellgent enough to think to move patients from one assessment area to another one (Guy's has two).
            As a regular patient of various hospitals, I get to witness, and hear about, many of the problems within the sercice, do know what it is like. As such, my original post was actually meant in irony and tongue in cheek, having experienced the mad rush of London.