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  • Demise of the CD...

    Best Buy, a "big box" audio chain here will cease selling Compact Audio CD's in June or July. Another format in its death throes? In my favor I'll state that I have reconstructed my musical needs in CD's (mostly 50's and 60's with a few forays into the 70's) and have no interest in current rock or pop music. In fact I don't even know what IS current; maybe that crapola they play in filling stations and fast food places thinking you will spend more money.

    Well, the kids can have a big bonfire when I shuffle off this mortal coil. My younger son DOES like Doo-Wop and some of the older tuff. So maybe there's hope yet for a family hair loom of 5k CD's. I love my kids but they spend a lot of time listening to Sports Radio which I consider a colossal waste of time.

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    Huge mistake to phase-out the superior fidelity of CDs, IMNTBHO. The same goes for the DVD.

    Comcast offers to allow me to watch "Warhorse" for $4.50USD. I can buy the DVD for approx. $11.00USD. After watching the CD (as many times as I want,) I can pass it around to family/friends, and then resell it on eBayAmazon. Or, put it on the shelf.

    This is seems to be the superior business model, for me at least. One can foresee a problem with this model, though, as lazy-a$$ punters cause the supply of DVD players to disappear from shop shelves.

    Rant over; Snooty out! 😱

    PS: Not quite over! My 2017 Chrysler 300 is not equipped with a CD player. 😑 It does, however, have electric seat-warmers, etc.


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      My son was gobbing off about how brilliant his new digital gizmo was so we plugged it into the amp on my system and played it, we then selected the same song on a CD and played that, listening back to back he was blown away by how good the CD was. There are those that know and those that don’t know, etc.😁


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        My CDs are going nowhere. In fact I have recently got my office finished and so one of the first things out was my old cd player and boxes of cd's. I forgot how good they sound compared to anything coming through van/car speakers which is the norm. The Ipod is good but only used nowadays as a collection I can access in the van.
        The outdoor system I got last year does not have a cd player function, which isn't an issue, that runs through the internet and so can have radio stations from around the world which is ample as background music and I must say I am very impressed with the setup but still not as good as a proper sound system and indoor speakers.
        Like most parts of technology, the further it progresses the less inclined I am to follow suit. Much more selective about what I want to get involved with and more and more I look for older,simpler solutions.


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          The cover art is (was) really a part of the package. Witness "Revolver" and "Days of Future Past" to name a few. I have thousands of CD's and have no intention of liquidating them. I even have a "novelty" CD of celebrities "singing." One track is Lorne Green singing "Ringo" in French. (I think he knew French from being Canadian.)


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            Streaming is OK but since there has also been a resurgence in sales of vinyl, it does appear that some people like physical things. CDs kind of fall into that category, as long as the manufacturers can be bothered to make the players. My new Renault Captur has no CD player but I can plug in the phone and play music through it if I wish.


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              There's nothing quite like physically owning the music you purchase. I dont trust digital downloads since I read how Amazon rescinded a poor ladys Kindle collection of books as according to Amazon she had violated their terms but wouldn't tell her how she violated them.
              Also the art cover is a dying breed. Even with CDs theyre really too small to be fully appreciated and look much better on a 12 inch vinyl. Think of some album cover art thats instantly recognisable without a title like Pink Floyds "Dark Side of the Moon", Nirvanas "Never Mind", The Prodigy "Fat of the Land", most of Roxy Musics art covers etc. There was a lot of thought put in the covers back then but there doesnt seem to be as common today.


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                I think "back in the day" performers wanted to make music, to grow in their artistry. Now it's just marketing a product for the cash. John Lennon said that he didn't want to be 30 singing "She Loves You." That's what made the Beatles so iconic. There is no current "pop" or "rock" music that interests me.