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  • Kidney stone...

    The morning after my annual physical I woke up with pain in my lower right abdomen (16 March). Was able to control pain with OTC meds. (I do keep some Oxy and Ultram in stock however). Urgent Care did a scan, diagnosed a 3mm stone in the right kidney. They gave me a funnel and a specimen bottle. Fast forward to 25 March when something exited and I put it in the jar. Had appointment with Uterologist who was quite nice and explained a lot of stuff. Pain was gone by then. He doubted the stuff that passed was the stone but it's at the lab. He said 95% change it would pass and any further intervention would be unneeded.

    He added that I had a bladder infection and gave me Cipro which I have taken before for diverticulitis along with Metronidazole.

    Hopefully all will be well. I am pain free now, and hope to stay that way. He said the scan revealed a 7mm stone in the left kidney which may become trouble if it moves down.

    I asked if I should listen to more Urethra Franklin music. He laughed and said he'd volunteer to deliver the urology at my funeral.

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    Pain free is good. Hope you stay well.


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      Originally posted by Rodentman View Post
      I asked if I should listen to more Urethra Franklin music. He laughed and said he'd volunteer to deliver the urology at my funeral.
      LOL! That's funny!

      Let's hope the left stone stays where it is.


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        Kidney stones, urgggh just remembering the pain brings tears to my eyes!

        I did some research years ago to try and minimise my pain and many people were saying that drinking lots of coke helped dissolve the kidney stone. I was desperate so drank about 3 litres a day for a week. No idea if it was the reason my pain eased or not. Drinking that amount of coke must have been awful for my body.

        for some reason ultrasound to break mine up wasn't possible. I can' remember why.


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          Ah the wonders of the Internet! You can find remedies for everything, hence the multi-billion $ "supplement" business.

          I was surprised, however, that my Dr, who is about 60, thought that medical pot was useful in helping with pain mitigation. I don't want it as it is felony to buy a firearm if you use pot, even if with an Rx. Not sure about firearm ownership. I don't want to find out.


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            Drinks and guns don't mix and neither do drugs and guns. Best stay away!


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              Absolutely! If I feel the slightest bit off, as with a cold or headache, I don't go to the range. I do not drink alcohol. If I am preoccupied by something on my alleged mind I won't reload ammo either.


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                Reloading and booze, drugs and absent-mindedness don't mix either! A mate of mine blew up his Smith Model 19 with a home-load. The previous owner had set up the powder thrower for 3.5 grains of one powder, and my mate (first time reloader) loaded the thrower with a much denser powder. And he didn't bother weighing what was being thrown out.

                So when he loaded only one round (luckily for him), the top strap disintegrated and the cylinder blew into 3 pieces. He was amazingly unhurt. We made it a rule never to reload on our own after that vertical learning curve.


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                  I keep copious notes on each load including the micrometer setting for the prescribed does of powder. I ALWAYS check the load on the scale after setting the micrometer. The consequences are far too dangerous.

                  My only reloading errors were failing to charge a case resulting in a squib, and a too light load in 454 Casull which had the same result. Oddly, that load WAS straight from the Sierra manual, which I no longer use. I am still puzzled by that. Maybe the primer was bad. I had 2 such instances in the same batch. The rest shot ok. Anyway nothing blew up.