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  • Restaurant "music"...

    I don't frequent what a normal person would call a "restaurant." But the little haunts I do patronize are niche Mom and Pop places. Why, oh why, to they play the horrible "manufactured" music? Is it to increase revenue? I read that it pushes people to eat quicker and thus the restaurant can turn over the tables more rapidly. Anyway, where does this garbage come from? I think it is just "session" musicians with a digital drum beat blathering out the same nonsense. Even filling stations play this crap.

    There is a new "Cajun BBQ" restaurant here, It is run by a Chinese family so the fusion is interesting. The food is unique, if not thrilling, but I simply cannot tolerate the music. I told the owner and he didn't seem to care. I guess I'll need to wear my shooting muffs whilst eating there.

    I would much prefer classical music. There is a commercial free FM station that is classical that they could play for free.

    I just don't get it.

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    I agree - it is just lazy to get some manufactured generic music and pump it out ad nauseam. There are sound economic reasons why but I wonder if the owners are aware of the negative images this leaves with the punters.


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      The other problem is that they cater to the masses, and the masses taste is clearly sh*te!


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        Originally posted by Rodentman View Post
        I would much prefer classical music. There is a commercial free FM station that is classical that they could play for free.
        I just don't get it.
        Different demographics, Bob.
        See this story....

        McDonald's uses classical music to stop anti-social behaviour

        15 August 2013, 11:30
        The Stockport branch of fast-food restaurant McDonald's has started playing classical music late at night in an attempt to put an end to rowdy behaviour.

        Though the technique has been used by Stockport council in the past, this is the first time classical music has been used in this way inside a local business.

        After rises in anti-social behaviour in the area around the Grand Central branch of McDonald's, the restaurant has been piping in the music of Beethoven, Brahms and more to try and pacify the more boisterous late-night customers.

        The branch is very close to several clubs and pubs and is a popular destination for revellers after closing time. Councillor Philip Harding commented: "The idea is they would disperse as it's not their scene. I believed it was successful [in the town centre] but it's a bit of a different suggestion inside a business."

        He added: "I like classical music but I'm not sure the patrons of McDonald's do."

        Originally posted by learningtofly View Post
        ...the masses taste is clearly sh*te!
        I wouldn't know, Tony. I've never eaten a "masses"...


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            Why do some places have to play the music so loud, I've gone for a meal not to a nightclub. I just walk away now If the music is blasting out. I also avoid shops with loud music.


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              Interesting perspective on McDonald's....


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                Im beginning to find the acoustics is some places intolerable. Ive been in several restaurants, usually with hard floors and no soft furnishings where the conversation from other people drowns out your own. Its bad when you cant hear the person sat across the table from you.... or am I going deaf....?
                I now understand the military value of acoustic weapons.