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I hate cars...

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  • I hate cars...

    Just a necessary evil. No thrill for me in driving. The Rodentwoman's car, a 2008 Dodge Caliber with 153k miles has an intermittent headlamp. It goes to the shop tomorrow but they already told me the bulb was good, so they suspect the TIPM, Totally Incompetent Power Module. Costs more than 1k. I have a lifetime warranty that covers it. Stay tooned for the result on this mess. It is also making a whining noise like someone on a Daytona waiting list. Something in the drive train. I'm sure my warranty covers it, just get the dealer to diagnose it....They usually like warranty work as they can pad it and get more $ from Chrysler. Frankly there are so few Dodges sold I am surprised they are still in business. Oh, it's the trucks....

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    I'm starting to hate driving, always getting stuck in traffic, and I don't even drive very far. I hope car gets sorted OK.


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      I am the opposite, I enjoy cars and the driving ( except when driving in the UK too busy and potholes everywhere it seems make driving a risky business) .
      Trouble is when electrical gremlins start to surface. We lost our BMW for about three months a couple summers ago. 950 euros ( not under a warranty) and it turned out to be a faulty relay.
      At least you have lifetime warranty on your car.


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        I personally enjoy cars and driving but I find that idiot drivers generally spoil the experience. With so much tech on cars these days its bound to be something electrical. Shame really as we generally have just sorted out the mechanicals.
        Good luck with the car Rodentman.


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          I love cars, its such an amazing feeling having a supercar, I just look at it and smile, I start it up and I giggle like a kid. Whenever I take it out people stop and stare, kids scream with enjoyment and want their picture with it.
          when you drive something really special it' a true sense of occasion. I feel it's a reward for hard work and luck.

          Sure there are problems with cars but it' no different than bills for a house if a boiler is broken or carpets need replacing.


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            They are changing some of the wiring. Noise from a bad alternator. Oil leaks and a torn boot on an axle shaft. All under warranty. They will have the car another week to get this done. No guarantee that the headlight issue is NOT the TIPM but that will be warranty too if needed. Fortunately we really NEED only one car so we can wait for the repairs.


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              Originally posted by grumpycamel View Post
              I personally enjoy cars and driving but I find that idiot drivers generally spoil the experience...
              ...which reminded me of a poster I saw recently, of a quote by George Carlin:

              “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?”

              I used to love cars when younger and loved driving when I lived in the Scottish Highlands - amazing roads which were enjoyable in any sort of car. The sportier the better, naturally, but I had some fun times in my first car, a 1.1l Renault 5

              However, I'm a townie now and just drive up and down a motorway to work - so no fun there.
              I still like nice cars, and most people would probably say that we have a reasonable pair at home, but my spending priorities are elsewhere right now.

              Hope you get you car sorted out, Bob.


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                Simon, I hear you. I got that type of thrill from my motorcycles as I rode for many years until an inattentive driver took out my bike and cost me a leg. Yeah, the repairs. At least I am a couple of grand to the good of the cost of the warranty. I "live" on a fixed income now and I am not wealthy. I don't begrudge you the enjoyment you get from the McLaren.

                Carlin--IMHO the most talented comedian ever. I saw him live in the early 70's.


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                  Car racing is fun to watch. I never miss an episode of Ru Paul's "Drag Race."