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  • Please help!

    Since coming out of hospital, it's been pretty quiet at home, just me and my two children.

    My wife has been gone since Saturday, having left me in search of adventure in the name of a very good cause.

    She is up on the South Downs, walking to try to raise funds for the National Migraine Centre.

    The National Migraine Centre is a fantastic charity that helps not just sufferers of migraine but other types of headache too.

    The charity is based in London, but sees patients from all over the UK.

    It has a number of specialist doctors, all giving their time for free, working with patients and their usual medical professionals to help bring relief from the debilitating effects of headaches. Indeed, migraine is recognised as being one of the most debilitating conditions by the WHO.

    The most amazing part of all this, though, is how the National Migraine Centre don't charge patients for their consultations!

    If you were to go private you would expect to be paying hundreds for consultations with these types of specialists. However, whilst some merely work there from their own specialist interests, many of the doctors know from first-hand experience the devastating effects of migraine.

    Surviving on donations, whilst trying to offer help and support to all those that need it, is not easy. Whilst they ask for donations from patients, not that there is any mandatory expectation of payment, the National Migraine Centre relies heavily on fund raising events to keep running.

    To this end, having seen from personal experience the excellent work that they do, my wife decided to try to fund raise for them by doing her walk along the South Downs Way.

    Please, if you are able / willing to donate to this very worthwhile cause, could you follow the link and give whatever you feel able to to help her in her quest to help the charity in theirs?


    In the meantime, if you, or anyone you know, suffers from the devastating effects of chronic or acute headaches, please feel free to contact them on 020 7251 3322. If urgent, they will always try to fit you in as soon as possible! And remember, they do not charge for their help.

    Thank you chaps.

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    Hope her walk is going well.
    How is she doing it - B&B, camping? What's her planned timescale and daily mileage?


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      They are using South' Downs' sherpas! They have a man, don't you know, collect their luggage and take it to their overnight accommodation. I also think that they get a lunch provided each day, and any transport to / from accommodation. In other words, they're cheating! Not like when I did the DofE awards with my 7 stone rucksack, filled with tinned peaches, rice puddings, etc... and sleeping in a tent, which we had to carry and pitch!

      Apparently, her toes are developing some nasty blisters and she's starting to feel rather tired (lightweight!). They're doing circa 13 miles per day so, in reality, it's just a nice, gentle stroll in the countryside!

      She was inspired to raise funds for the National Migraine Centre after seeing how amazing they've been with helping me with my chronic migraines, and speaking to the chap that is currently running the charity. They really want to be able to expand, to enable them to offer help to more people, but are desperately short of funds to do so. They can't even afford to change the lighting in the building that they use to something more migraine friendly.

      I'm not too sure of all the details regarding her walk, as to be perfectly honest, with the amount of opiates currently in my body, I struggle just remembering enough to survive in her absence - thank goodness for slaves! Opps, I mean loving children!


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        A big thank you to those of you that have been kind enough to donate. My wife will be really grateful, and hopefully it might persuade her to do it again sometime!


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          Again, thanks to those of you that have supported her efforts. Thanks to everyone that has chipped in, she has raised £120 so far, before gift aid. As a certain advert tells us, every little helps!


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            The fund raising is going better than my wife could have hoped!

            She has now raised £325, which becomes £402.50 with gift aid! Her heart is now set on reaching £500, which would be an amazing achievement for her and something that would help make such a difference.

            What has been truly fantastic is seeing how many people have commented about how they too suffer from migraines and so could now benefit from knowing about the help and advice provided by the charity.

            Spreading the word is just as important as raising funds, so to have successfully achieved both aims is brilliant.

            Thanks once again to those Turf members that have been kind enough to make donations.