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  • The end is neigh!

    Unfortunately, after a decade of fighting an inevitable tide, my health problems are finally going to put an end to my teaching career.

    Having been off work since September, I have finally reached the point of no return: retire or we'll fire!

    As you can probably imagine, it's been a tough time lately, to the point where I ended up having an ambulance ride last week having found myself entering a crisis state.

    It's going to be a tough transition, especially as OH are suggesting that I'm actually too ill to consider gainful employment anytime soon (within the next 3 years at least).

    I have been fighting against this outcome for so long. Those around me have said for a long time time that I should recognise that my work was having a negative impact upon my well-being, and I have just gritted my teeth and refused to accept it.

    From my perspective, it feels like I'm failing. Failing my family; failing my colleagues; failing my pupils; failing myself and my aspirations. Having never quit anything, it feels like failure, something nobody enjoys.

    I have a pile of paperwork to try and tackle, and then wait to see if I can get my pension early. If not, things are going to be pretty bleak and even tougher for me.

    Anyhow, if I disappear from here you know the likely reason.

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    You can’t help the health problems so don’t beat yourself up about it. You haven’t let anyone down. A new job when you’re feeling up to it might be just the thing.


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      I hope it works out for you! I was lucky enough to retire before my health issues really began, but I have not suffered as much as you, by a long shot. I have no idea how UK pensions work but I hope you will be taken care of...we care about you.


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        Cheers, chaps.

        It's going to take a big change of health to be able to contemplate taking on any regular form of work, as my health can change so much from day to day. For now, selling a few watches and odds and ends will at least help to provide something to do and a little extra spending money.

        As for pensions, first I need to be clear thinking enough to complete the rather daunting paperwork. Then it will depend upon what they decided in terms of the level of benefit I get, whether it's just retirement from teaching or total retirement. Either way, obviously, it's not going to compete with my salary.



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          Evening Chris, I’m so very sorry to hear your health has affected your ablity to work long term. I very much doubt anyone who works with you feels let down as a result and there is no doubt your family don’t feel that way. I get a sense how proud a man you are and this is why you think those thoughts.
          i hope you get the pension situation cleared up really soon, then you will be able to focus on going forward managing your health and happiness,
          Please keep us all informed as said before we do care about your situation and wish you the happiest possible outcome.
          Keep strong Sir, and be strong about your needs and what the state is due to you after your career of educating the people who all our futures depend on.

          Best regards


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            I'm very sorry to hear your news Chris.

            Your humour in adversity is an example to us all. I realise that my experience may not apply to everyone, but I think you may well find that removing yourself from a conventional work environment brings about a marked reduction in stress, leading to a welcome improvement in physical well-being.

            Subsequently, work that you do do will be on your terms and not someone else's, and thus a lot more satisfying.

            I would just ask that you don't disappear from TURF, as we are all keen to hear from you.

            All the very best.


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              Sorry to hear your health problems are going to end your teaching career. Their's nothing more important than health, and It can be devastating when you start loosing your health.

              Hopefully will will find a new path to follow, wishing you all the best for the future.


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                Thanks for the sentiments chaps. I have virtually finished filling out the sections of the forms I need to. Next step is getting work to complete their parts and to ask the various doctors and consultants to complete the medical forms.

                Once all of that is completed and everything is back with me, I have to send in the application for consideration and processing. That, apparently, takes up to 10 days, then, assuming the application is successful, 5 days later the payments should organised and I start getting my pension!


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                  I'm sorry to hear this, Chris, but I echo what's been said.
                  Stay strong, mate!


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                    Forms are being completed as we speak. Next step is to get the medical reports and for me to try to explain how my various conditions prevent me from work. Trouble is, as this is now my normality, I'm struggling on that part!


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                      Really sorry to hear all this Chris, I was being forced down this line a few years ago from a back injury caused by an inappropriate work station. I had reports from spinal clinics, MRI's, invoices shown that I had spent thousands seeing the best spinal specialist in Harley Street. My work didn't care that it was genuine or that they caused it. They told me to leave or they would sack me.

                      Stay strong, things get better.

                      My only advice as far as you selling the watches would be to try and buy just Rolex sports watches, they are much easier to sell on.


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                        Sorry to read of your situation Chris - you don't know me, but I've frequently noticed your name on the site and my sympathies are with you.
                        The response from the company you worked for and those of Simon are commonplace nowadays, so don't take it personal that companies don't care anymore and don't feel as though you have failed.
                        Prior to my slightly early retirement at 63 I requested to work part time as the stress was insane, but was told "Not a prayer"
                        The attitude from them was similar to yours - either put up with it or leave.
                        I resigned and they said they had reconsidered and that I could work part time or from home and doubled my salary for 3 months for me to reconsider, so I done the 3 months and then told them "Not a prayer"
                        My last words to them were that it would have been nice to work for a company where the HR department viewed the employees as an asset rather than a challenge to deprive of everything they can at every opportunity.
                        Sadly, as I'm sure you know, this attitude from HR is commonplace these days.
                        Best of luck with your health, your pension and of course the watch sales.