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Watch Turf is moving to Facebook!

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  • Watch Turf is moving to Facebook!

    Fellow Watch Turf members and friends

    For some time, it’s been apparent that our forum continuing in its present form is probably unviable. Although we have a small group of members who post relatively regularly, we don’t have enough content to drive traffic to our advertisers, and as a consequence running the site has become a financial burden. It’s a burden that the owner of Watch Turf has continued to bear without complaint, and we thank him for his many years of hosting the forum and his behind-the-scenes technical support. However, recent discussions have indicated that we have now reached the point where changes need to be made.

    The team of moderators has been looking at options and alternatives for many months now, and our objective has been to ensure that the Watch Turf name continues (just pulling the plug was never an option for us); to remove the dependency on third parties; to eliminate the cost burden going forward; and to offer a more modern and dynamic environment in keeping with today’s social networks.

    With this in mind, Tony and I agreed to develop and co-manage a new Watch Turf on Facebook Groups, and following a little bit of work to set it up we’re delighted to tell you that it’s now live. You can find it at and we would obviously love you to join, participate regularly and really help make the rebirth of Watch Turf – well, the birth of Watch Turf 2.0 – a resounding success.

    Our intention is to close the present forum to new content with effect from Saturday 8th September; thereafter, the new Facebook Group will be the only place for us all to hang out. Not long after the closing date for new content, this forum will effectively disappear from the Internet (the date for this has still to be agreed with the forum owner).

    Some event-related content has been copied across to Facebook, but what we’re really looking for is a fresh start, rather than replicating what we have here. Whilst it will be sad to lose some of our history, we’re also really excited about the change, and hopeful that it will help to increase discussion, and to stimulate interest, amongst both existing and new members. Please spread the word amongst friends who might like to join us there, and please do help us to make our new home a success by participating fully; this includes visiting regularly, posting your own content, commenting on posts by others, and generally supporting us with your presence.

    See you there!
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    Just to add, if you have difficulty finding it on FB, look under Groups and it'll be there!


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      A wonderful idea . Big thank you to You Harb and Tony for all the work you have put in to make this possible. I haven't been very present the last year or two. But Turf means a lot to me and I will do all I can to support the rebirth on Facebook.


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        Shame this wasn't mentioned to members previously, rather than letting those few of us that have stuck by Turf continue to wonder what was going on.


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          I signed up on FB. Hopefully the Rodentman will be accepted.


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            Just a little bump for this. The new FB group now has 82 members, so if you haven't yet joined us over there please do pop over.


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              As mentioned in the message above, posting has now been suspended on the forum here.

              See you on Facebook! -