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Sold: Omega Globemaster

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  • Sold: Omega Globemaster

    Now sold elsewhere, but thanks to WT for the space

    Although I've been a bit quiet of late when it comes to sales, I'm in the process of making some changes to my collection that will see a couple of ins and outs. First on the out side is this lovely Omega Globemaster.

    It's really very reminiscent of the wonderful vintage pieces of the 50s and 60s, and at 39mm it will hit the sweet spot for many (including me). Not everyone will be aware of what an important watch this is in Omega's current line-up, so here are some key facts...

    Calibre: Omega 8900
    Self-winding movement with Co-Axial escapement.
    Movement and watch tested according to Master Chronometer certification process approved by METAS.
    Resistant to magnetic fields reaching 15,000 gauss.
    Free sprung-balance with silicon balance spring, two barrels mounted in series, automatic winding in both directions.
    Time zone function. Special luxury finish with rhodium-plated rotor and bridges with Geneva waves in arabesque.
    Power reserve: 60 hours
    Type: Self winding

    So, it's an anti-magnetic twin barrel movement with a time-zone feature (that is, the hour hand is effectively quickset, and is also the means of changing the date). It's powered by Omega's first ever Master Chronometer movement; that is, a movement that goes beyond COSC requirements and complies in addition with METAS standards. (From the Net: "The METAS process will test complete watches, with individual records of each one accessible both online and via smartphone apps. Buyers and owners can thus obtain complete information about their watches' performances. The certification process consists of subjecting the watch head (and not just the movement) to magnetic fields stronger than 15,000 gauss, and testing its precision during and after the magnetic field exposure, with a tolerable limit of -0/+5 seconds per day. The watch’s power reserve and water resistance will also be assessed.")

    The final thing of interest is the case, because aside from the vintage styling and perfect size, the unusually-fluted bezel is part-tungsten (Omega call it "hard metal"). Another search reveals that "Tungsten is alloyed with steel to form tough metals that are stable at high temperatures. Tungsten-steel alloys are used to make such things as high speed cutting tools and rocket engine nozzles". Certainly good enough to provide a pretty robust element of a watch case, then!

    There you have it. I'm asking a non-negotiable £3000 delivered for the complete package (that is, including the honey brown handmade alligator strap made for it by PeterWatchAcc that you can see in the photos, together with the blue OEM alligator that remains unworn), and I'm not looking for any trades at this time. The price includes fully insured and tracked delivery, and the photos below are completely indicative of what is a mint condition watch.

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    very nice tony - anything else on the way out?


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      Thank you, and this is now sold elsewhere.

      Yes, just about to list my co-axial Seamaster, and may well be letting my FF go as well (I have a VC Overseas Chrono due (currently with VC being serviced) landing shortly, and am also hoping to get a call regarding a ceramic Daytona in early June... just making way for everything after buying a 114060 yesterday!