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LV Sub and GMT 2

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  • LV Sub and GMT 2

    I ve got Lv Sub 2010 november
    Used but in immaculate condition
    Would like 6200
    Bought from Selfridges no name one the card in immaculate condition no scratches at all
    It was sitting in the safe for 5 years
    Only warn couple of times
    Unfortunately can not upload any pictures
    Obviously box and papers
    Let me know if anyone interested.
    Gmt is not for sale anymore
    Decided to keep it for now
    Last edited by jeff010873; 7th July 2017, 10:30 PM.

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    Any pictures??


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      I am interested in blnr .
      Where are you located ?
      Send me pm please .



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        Not sure if this is a serious F/S post


        • jeff010873
          jeff010873 commented
          Editing a comment
          And why is it not serious?
          I have offered you to come to London and collect when I phoned you
          and you wanted me to go to Essex and bring the watch to you.
          Don't you think its just a little bit ,,cheeky'' putting it in the nicest way possible. I am not a dealer and I don't do home deliveries If you interested you would have to do an effort not me.
          I have so many enquiries about this piece and this fact making me to reconsider the sell.
          I have decided to keep the watch for now until it is disconntinued.
          But i will make a good will gesture specially for you if your ,,highness'' decided to come to London and collect
          I will sell it now.

          Kindest regards

          Last edited by jeff010873; 7th July 2017, 11:02 PM.

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        It took my post to get a response after two days and you had logged on since . Another member has enquired and not had any replies . Hence my fair assumption .
        Last edited by Watch-Collector; 7th July 2017, 11:08 PM.


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          As a follow up , I said the terms weren't for me , I said I was busy and didn't have the time next week to travel to London ( you didn't say where ) and find your bank to do the transaction in . I'm not comfortable with it particularly as you have no references and no pictures of what you are selling . I said I was in Essex and of course didn't expect you to hand deliver wrapped in a red ribbon or whatever you perceive to be my demands . A transaction needs to be mutually convenient for both parties and this one left a lot of boxes unticked from the outset .
          Good luck if you indeed decide to sell .


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            Last call for ceramic LV before
            It goes to the dealer


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              Both sold thank you turf