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Unusual little Rolex watch for sale.

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  • Unusual little Rolex watch for sale.

    For 20 or more years I have owned a watch, but was always somewhat unsure of what it was. Whilst I fully appreciate that that is not a good way to begin a sales pitch at least I am being honest.

    It is an OYSTER LINCOLN in a gold case with the standard blued hour and minute hands but the exceptionally rare RED sweeping second hand.

    I bought this watch as it seemed like a good idea at the time. I had no idea what it was and it has languished in the bottom of my strap and bracelet box ever since.

    I am now much older and have a bit more patience, as such I spent a few hours taking the back off it and doing what we all do if stumped, I googled.

    It now appears that it is a Rolex from in or about the second World War, probably sold in Canada initially and more than likely used by a serviceman during this bloody conflict. I don't think it is a particularly rare watch and I cannot imagine it to be a highly desirable model either (I should be a salesman, I am so good at this.) But it is a working example of an early Rolex which with a bit of work could be a wonderful example of an old Rolex

    Rather than witter on ad nauseum, I will stop there and hopefully the very poor quality pictures will speak a thousand words.

    On a positive note, the watch still runs, albeit not very accurately as it has not seen a service dept for at least 20 years.

    I am asking for offers circa £700, but I am reasonable enough to be advised otherwise.



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    Sorry, I am having great problems adding the all important photos, please have patience.


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      My apologies to one and all, I have tried and tried these past 24 hours but cannot post any photos.


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        I will have to admit defeat with the photos, however, should anyone be interested then please send me a PM and I will endeavour to send you some photos which will no doubt be the same size as the side of the average house. But at least you will be able to see the watch in all its glory.


        And if it helps I am open to trades of Rolex bracelets, thanks.


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          Does it look like this?


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            I'm guessing it's quite small?


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              29 or 30mm I guess.


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                Sorry for the slow reply and thanks for finding the photo and how to upload it to the site. YES that is it, but don't all rush it went to a friend ages ago.