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Rolex GMT 16750 very rare 1983-1984 model for trade or sale

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  • Rolex GMT 16750 very rare 1983-1984 model for trade or sale

    Please read below the details from Orchi Website

    Orchi believes this here is a RARE example of the earliest GLOSS Dial with WG Surround Tritium markers...for Rolex 16750 GMT Master...

    With your consideration & permissions...
    Orchi shall call these Earliest GLOSS Dial as MK.3 GLOSS Dial variant.

    These pictures are taken from Orchi's little collection of the...
    Rolex 16750 GMT Master BARE MK.3 GLOSS Dials...

    1. Typically this VERY RARE 16750 MK.3 GLOSS Dial has the FATTER Rolex Coronet...with shorter Crown Arches...
    2. The EARLIEST GLOSS DIAL for 16750 GMT Master has Plots "OYSTER PERPETUAL"...
    with NO "DATE" plot on Dial...(RARE FEATURE)

    3. The SCOC Plots have the fonts "G" "E" "O" & "R" "E" "D" Vertically aligned.
    4. The SCOC n "SWISS-T<25" Plots are in prominent Serif fonts. <br>

    This MK.3 GLOSS Dial Variant is believed to be VERY RARELY found on 16750 GMT Watch Cases... from about about 8.4mil series cases or in 1983...ONLY.[/QUOTE][/QUOTE][/QUOTE][/QUOTE][/QUOTE][/QUOTE][/QUOTE][/QUOTE]

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    cant see pics....


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      Rolex GMT sold

      Hi All

      The watch has now been sold thanks for looking.

      Regard : Robbo